Why do some people support homosexuality?


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Mini lorr paaa

Demons roam the earth and reside in humans. Usually a wound then they come in and do whatever to us. So no one intentionally wants to be gay they are demons sent in to destroy. How can god blame anyone for what they are when demons come in and take up residency?

June 15 2014 Report

Summary e2cfa3d8db1f51554b1a48f46a26cccd Dele Jude Johnson

In the Old Testament: Gen1:27-28. 2:7,18,20-25 reveals the intentions of God regarding the marriage institution. Gen 3:16 is also clear regarding the outcome of the union. Before the great flood, God promised that He will established His covenant with Noah Gen 6:18-20: 9:1
In the New Testament: 1 Corin 7:1-5 Apostle Paul spoke/wrote regarding the relationship between man and wife (Eve) The Bible is a complete life Book. In Gen 1:31a God expressed satisfaction to His creative works. But in Gen 2:16-17 man was given a choice to obey God or do otherwise with each option having its consequences. We are indeed in the end times. Lets not stop praying for the Divine release of these depraved minds that satan has seized. God have mercy.

June 16 2014 Report

Raccoo Bob Johnson

The Bible does not condone homosexual behavior, period. Neither does it condone, heterosexual sin (living together, sex out of wedlock, etc).

God does not hate those with same sex attraction. As it is with heterosexuals, it matters what people do with their sexual attraction that matters. Pornography is rampant in the church and the pastorate, but we do not talk about that. God hates all sin, not just homosexual sin. This includes gluttony and gossip as well. Mrs. Doe down the street is just as sinful as the practicing homosexual in the gay bar. But if Mrs. Doe doesn't gossip and Bruce doesn't practice his homosexuality, then they have not sinned in those areas.

November 06 2019 Report

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