Why is homosexuality so controversial?

After all, homosexuality is a sin just like all the other sins, right?

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Stringio David Sutton

The whole of the problem with Christianity is religion, it has become so divided that it's hard to find the words of God in these question and answers. The bible clearly teaches that homosexuality is an abomination to God. No matter how we say it.

If we change the name of any sin it is still sin. The reason it is so much different in people's eyes should be obvious. Sin that is in the face of a Christian such as this one is very hard to except.the same can be said about abortion,.or murder, rape, and there is many more. To have these sins and to be ask to just make them ok. Would be any thing but Gods way.

December 12 2013 Report

Stringio Colin Wong

David. I'm somewhat confused by your statement. Nobody is saying homosexuality is not a sin, or a lesser sin, or sugar-coating it. The context of the question is why is it more controversial than other sins.

December 12 2013 Report

Stringio David Sutton

Colin have you ever been confronted in a public setting by a homosexual couple. And if you have did it make you sick . If your a Christian and your confronted with this type of sin and your not bothered by it as I am then I don't know what to tell you .this would be the same for me no matter what the sin is when as a Christian see thing in life that is with out a doubt sin it should bother him. These in our face sins seem to be the most discussed because they go against the moral fabric that The Lord set in place thousands of years ago . I don't want these types of sin to become common place and excepted . Do you? We should not hate the sinner but but does that lesson the sin? I think not. That's why I say that the problem with Christianity is religion some think it's ok to except homosexuality . The bible says different . The same way with any sin . We are to reprove correct .show people there sin

December 12 2013 Report

Stringio Colin Wong

Hi David. I live in Seattle. In a city like this, it is very common to meet with atheist, believers of other religions, adulterers, fornicators (sex before marriage) and yes, gays. I do not act any differently from one to the other.

When is it suddenly ok to be more repulsed by a gay person than an atheist? Or more repulsed with a gay person than an agnostic fornicator? Or treat gay people worse than those who struggle with pornography?

I am bothered by ALL sin. Not only on homosexuality. My point has always been, repulsion towards homosexuality is unfounded because we should not treat it any more differently than other sins. I have never said it is not a sin. You have not seen me write this anywhere on any answer or comment.

To your question, I have met many gay couples and no, I do not get sick from it. I am not repulsed by them, not because I consent to the sin, but because I see them as fallen human beings, struggling with a sin they do not understand, yet desperately need God's help. But I treat them the same as I would an atheist. I don't jump at their throat, spewing condemnation because that will not help matters. It only perpetuates the impression that Christians hate gay people. We do not. We hate the sin but we love all people. They need to see and experience Jesus' love first before we talk to them about the sin.

If you are repulsed and sickened by them, then how will you be an effective evangelist to them?

December 12 2013 Report

Mini Mike Dumais

The issue isn't homosexuality per se it is the public support for it that is the problem. No one is without sin, but we don't want politicians promoting thievery as a good idea, judges promoting dishonesty in testimony, I don't know of any marriage counselors who think adultery is a good idea, or that murder is any kind of solution, we don't want teachers who accept cheating on assignments. When I was younger and people lived together out of wedlock it was referred to as "living in sin", it has since become socially, and to some, morally acceptable....but I don't know anyone who says it is as upright as making an honest woman out of her, or doing the right thing.

The problem with the LBGT debate is that we are allowing that it is normal, moral and upright, it isn't, it is fornication. We are commanded to love the sinner, not the sin.

June 19 2014 Report

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