Did Moses die or was he resurrected?


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Mini Arnold Nevels

Although Moses died the Bible implies he may have been resurrected when it talks about how Satan disputed with the Archangel Michael about the body of Moses (Jude 1:9). If Moses’ body was in the grave, what reason would Satan have to dispute over it? But if Moses was brought back to LIFE it would make since why and Elijah appeared before JESUS. Who better to encourage JESUS about going to the grave, being resurrected, and raptured then Elijah, who was raptured (who never saw death) and Moses (who rose from the dead)?

There is an argument for both men still having their bodies. Why else would GOD pick these 2 to encourage JESUS? HE didn't pick Abraham, David or any of the other great prophets. But for some reason HE picked 2 of the only 3 guys that you could say never died (Elijah and Enoch definitely never died and still had their bodies) and Moses, who arguably was raised from the dead and had his body because we know Satan wanted his body back in the grave.

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