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If a Christian commits suicide, will he/she still be saved?


Clarify Share Report Asked August 30 2013 Mini Anonymous (via GotQuestions)

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1608328280.3226352 Sharon Ray

I feel, from my heart that if a Christian really knows Jesus and has a personal relationship with him, he or she will not even have that thought cross their mind. As the other post quoted: false teaching is again inspired many to go through with it. God is good, and since Jesus died on the cross, the veil was torn. We can have a "One on One" with our Creator now in the stillness of our own bedroom, Praise be to God! If any one is feeling sad and having thoughts you know are not of God, just say "Help Me Jesus" and he will. He loves us very much, he is always with us and will never leave us or forsake us. God is good! As for the people who have mental disabilities, just pray always. Paul said to always pray, be thankful for every circumstance, for Heaven is our eternal home and we are here but just a little while. Pray for others too.

December 15 2013 Report

Mini Rev Yohan Heenatigala

My response is a question.- and not intended to judge.
Will a person who is born of the Holy Spirit (born-again) and led by the Spirit commit suicide?

December 16 2013 Report

Mini Holly Kramer

I appreciate Michael's perspective and well thought out answer. And it is quite sad when a Christian feels so thrown into turmoil that they use suicide as their solution to a problem. It is heart rending when any person is either so mentally ill, physically ill, distraught, alone, lost, or confused that they use suicide as a final act in this world.

I am not condoning suicide. However, I do not see in the Bible a specific statement that suicide is murder or that it is a "sin." Saul committed suicide, and he was given a burial by the people of Jabesh Gilead. (1 Samuel 31: 11-13) which David praised. Saul's armor-bearer committed suicide after refusing to kill God's annointed. (1 Samuel 31: 4-5) We don't know much personal about the armor-bearer, but his refusal to kill Saul shows respect for God's will.

Often Christians respond with a knee jerk response that those who commit suicide are automatically doomed to hell. I do not read that in the Bible. I believe we need to be cautious in our response on this topic and respect the pain felt by those affected by a suicide or those that need help.

December 21 2013 Report

Mini Daniel Riggs

Suicide is a selfish act that shows the love of God is not in you. That your life is really about you and nothing to do with Jesus.

June 16 2014 Report

Mini Richard Molina

The bible has plenty of verses that explained our questions and there are others explained in examples. For example do not commit adultery or kill , does the command explains what is adultery, No but bible gives examples the story of King David is the greatest example. Bible does not said do not smoke, but clearly saids that we have take care of our body because is the temple of God. You can find many examples if you pray and ask for a clear mind and a sincere heart you will find God in his true and real love.

November 03 2014 Report

Mini Richard Molina

How are we saved? We are saved by faith and grace. When we accept the sacrifice of Jesuscrist as our Lord and saviour. When we accept the mantel of justice of Christ, his justice , not our own , the only justice Christ only then we are accepted buy God the father as brothers of Jesus Christ. But like I said there are always conditions first you have to accept the gift that Jesus is giving you and live the life that Jesus lived. If we are new creatures in Christ will we continued in Sin , No because nothing impure will enter in heaven and live with the everlasting fire.

November 03 2014 Report

Mini Richard Molina

To be a little more clear read 1 john chapter 3. Go to youtube watch this series type undying worm and unquenchable fire. Also watch cracking the Genesis Code by Pr. Stephen Bohr. This will help you very much.

November 03 2014 Report

Eced7a1f c81d 42f4 95ea 9d5719dce241 Singapore Moses

✿ One of the many wrong choices that can be made in life is the easy-looking door called suicide. It opens when knocked and does not answer when you call to be let out, for eternity! The sad erroneous concept in the minds of many today is that “Suicide is not a sin. God understands.” God has not trusted us with the choice to end our lives at any man-appointed time. No one is given the right to die before God’s time. ‘Thou shall not kill’ applies to our lives too.

✿ Suicide is often considered, based on wrong beliefs, that it’s the solution to all problems. Ironically, people gather courage to adopt escapism rather than to face reality—of which we humorously say ‘from the frying pan to fire.’ Basically a state of confused perception blinds people from viewing things realistically and triggers this act of cowardice. In my counseling experience, when people are helped to see the true nature of the situation and realize that their problem is only temporary and solvable, they are surprised that they actually considered suicide in the past.

✿ People who show and express suicidal tendencies should be taken seriously though most threats are merely manipulative. It’s not true that people who threaten suicide never do it. Most who commit suicide have warned someone of their intentions. In fact, 10 percent of the persons who make suicidal gestures eventually do. A suicidal death occurs every twenty minutes, ‘attempts’ every three minutes, across all religious denominations. They are left without the choice to return back to life.

✿ The causes shock us. Seemingly trivial matters trigger suicide. The need for genuine love, respect and acceptance, family and marital conflicts, low self esteem, depression (which is the leading cause), psychological disturbances, debt, dissolusion, perfectionism, loneliness, anger, failures, intense emotional pain or grief, hopelessness, loss, chronic self-destructive behaviour (alcoholism, drugs), an intense need to achieve, revenge, manipulation, and the list goes on.

The effects of suicide on the surviving children, relatives and friends are devastating.

✿ Six suicides are listed in the Scriptures:
1. Samson in deep guilt and revenge (Judg 16:28-30);
2. Saul in pride (1 Sam 31:4);
3. Saul’s armour bearer in fear (1 Sam 31:5); 4. Ahithophel in need of respect and acceptance (2 Sam 17:23);
5. Zimri in guilt (1 Ki 16:18,19); and
6. Judas in lust for money, lost perspective of what he was about to do, guilt when hypocrisy revealed and loneliness in his sin (Mt 27:5).

Suicide is most often seen among teenagers, people who live alone, the unmarried, the divorced, and the higher socio-economic groups.

In being sensitive to this cry for help we need to go further beyond sympathy and act empathetically. Our attitude towards them should motivate us to feel with them in their problems and to gently help them understand their situation optimistically with godly perspectives. Instill hope and courage in them that God’s will for us is to live life in the abundance of His grace. Show them the changing nature of circumstances against the unchanging character of Christ.

Every twenty minutes someone succeeds in their suicidal attempt—shall we soften our hearts and turn our ears as our neighbourhood cries for help? Let’s show them the other Door?

October 21 2015 Report

Mini Aurel Gheorghe

I’m addressing Anonymous’ question regarding forgiveness for suicide.

First of all, please, please, seek help if you are contemplating suicide. There is no shame in seeking help for a situation that might appear hopeless.

Second, pray, pray and pray some more. We serve a God of the living who gave his life to provide assurance of salvation for us. Whatever situation you are in, bring it before God and ask Him to resolve it for you.

"Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him." Psalm 34:8

Satan knows the power of prayer and doesn’t want you to pray – but even if you don't feel like it, bow you head before God and ask him to do for you what you cannot do yourself and He is faithful to deliver you from whatever situation you find yourself in.

December 21 2016 Report

Mini Mary McDonald

Aurel, that was such a caring, truthful, and courageous response. I pray anyone that who contemplates suicide takes this advice to heart and doesn't give in. It is very hard facing difficulties in this life, but GOD IS ALWAYS WITH YOU! Reach out and trust Him, He WILL be there for you! God Bless You!

December 25 2016 Report

Mini Luis Soto

First let me say this to those who are having a hard time with this issue. A believer who commits suicide can NOT lose their salvation. Scripture teaches that from the moment we truly believe in Christ we are guaranteed eternal life. Also it says that nothing can separate us from the love of God.
Christ sacrifice at the cross has forgiven ALL of our sins....Past, present & future.
This is not the unforgivable sin that the Bible speaks about. The unforgivable sin is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.
So according to the Bible suicide is NOT what determines whether a person gains eternal life but rather our faith.
Nobody knows what was happening in a person's heart that moment he or she died.
The suicide of the believer is evidence that anyone can struggle with despair. If God can forgive a murderer he can forgive a person that commits suicide.

June 01 2017 Report

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