Can we believe in God without believing in the Bible?

I am asking this because my Pastor told me today that Jesus never said to believe in the bible but to believe in him Jesus and God.  I thought the Bible is the word of God.  I am confused.

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Mini Aida Taft

The bible is the Word of God, so how would we know what God 's character, desires, nature, actions, love, anger are without reading the Bible and believing in faith? When we pray we are talking to God, and His answer most of the time is through the bible, reading and studying it.

It's impossible to be a true Christian without believing in the word of God; there's no way a good pastor would say that you can be a Christian without believing in the bible. He either was misunderstood, or he is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Be aware of false teaching; our only source to keep our faith alive is through the BIBLE. If you say you are a Christian, where do you get your strength, your knowledge, your love of God, your love For God? What other source do we have here on earth? Who ever tells you you can be a Christian without believing in the Bible is a liar from the pit of hell. You would be a weak soldier in the trenches without a weapon and ammunition. Jesus loves you!!!!

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