What is deliverance ministry, and is it biblical?


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Imag0495 Lynn Willis

I knew NOTHING about deliverance ministry UNTIL i began to read Derek Prince's 'Curses and Blessings" and that man (God rest his soul) was a true and godly man annointed in this particular area. He was given insights and wisdom into understanding God that i have not been given (God has given me the discernment to see the demonized versus the troubled using my 10 years working with the mentally ill... for me it is as clear as black and white but I didnt know HOW to deal with the demonized.)

His preaching the word - which he knows/knew SO well - has helped me greatly in my growing relationship with God, somuchso that I have begun to begin fasting as a part of my prayer life and i have to say WOW! If you feel the holy spirit now and do NOT fast... just wait until you DO!

I would recommend you seek out some of Mr. Prince's videos on Youtube about demons and curses and blessings and fasting for a short intro. Contrary to what is pointed out above, Mr. Prince - from scripture - purports that this is clearly defined in scripture as Jesus did what? He taught, healed and cast out demons and we are to continue in His path with the help of the Holy Spirit that lives in us. Amen? Amen!

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