Why didn't God destroy the devil when he sinned, and thus end the sin problem?


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Stringio Ezra King Ezra King
1 Corinthians 4:9

Because sin was something completely new in God's universe, and its inhabitants did not understand it. Probably even Lucifer himself did not fully comprehend it at first. Lucifer was a brilliant, highly respected angelic leader. His approach was doubtless one of great concern for heaven and the angels. It possibly ran something like this: "Heaven is good, but it would be improved with more angel input. Too much unchallenged authority (as the Father and Son have) tends to blind leaders to real life. Angels should not be required to take orders. We should give orders. God knows my suggestions are correct, and He is feeling threatened. We must not permit our noble leaders who are out of touch to jeopardize the very existence of heaven. They will listen if we move in unison. We must not be weak; we must act. Otherwise, we will all be ruined by a government that doesn't appreciate us." 

One-Third of the Angels Joined Lucifer 
Lucifer's arguments convinced many angels, and one-third joined him. If God had destroyed Lucifer immediately, some angelic beings who did not fully understand God's character may have begun to worship God through fear, saying, "Lucifer may have been correct. Be careful. If you differ with God, He may kill you." So nothing would have been settled. Instead, the problem would have been heightened. 

God Accepts Only Loving, Voluntary Service 
The only service acceptable to God is cheerful, voluntary service prompted by love. Obedience for any other reason is unacceptable.

God Is Giving Satan Time to Demonstrate His Principles
Satan claimed he had a better plan for the government of the universe. God is giving him time to demonstrate its principles. The Lord will abolish sin only after every soul in the universe is convinced that Satan's government is unfair, hateful, ruthless, lying, and destructive.

The Universe Is Watching This World 
The Bible says, "We are made a spectacle [margin says "theatre"] unto the world, and to angels, and to men." 1 Corinthians 4:9. The entire universe is watching as we each play a part in the controversy between Christ and Satan. As the controversy ends, every soul will fully understand the principles of both kingdoms and will have chosen to follow either Christ or Satan. Those who have chosen to ally with sin and Satan will be destroyed with him, and God's people will be taken to the eternal safety of their heavenly home.

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1340324413 Chris Eleam Chris Eleam
Excellent question Ezra, The issue raised in Eden was a moral issue,consider how so. It is evident that the spirit son who became Satan knew Jehovah as a God of moral standards, not as a capricious, erratic person. Had he known Jehovah as a God given to uncontrolled, violent outbursts, he could only have expected immediate, on-the-spot extermination for the course he took. The issue Satan raised in Eden, therefore, was not simply a test of Jehovah’s mightiness or power to destroy. Rather, it was a moral issue: that of God’s moral right to exercise universal sovereignty and require implicit obedience and devotion of all of his creatures in all places.

 Satan’s approach to Eve reveals this. (Ge 3:1-6) Likewise, the book of Job relates how Jehovah brings out into the open before all his assembled angelic sons the extent of the position taken by his Adversary. Satan made the claim that the loyalty of Job (and, by implication, of any of God’s intelligent creatures) toward Jehovah was not wholehearted, not based on true devotion and genuine love.—Job 1:6-22; 2:1-8.

Thus, the question of integrity on the part of God’s intelligent creatures was a secondary, or a subsidiary, issue arising out of the primary issue of God’s right to universal sovereignty. These questions would require time in order for the veracity or falsity of the charges to be demonstrated, for the heart attitude of God’s creatures to be proved, and thus for the issue to be settled beyond any doubt.  Jehovah thus did not immediately execute the rebellious human pair nor the spirit son who raised the issue, and so the two foretold ‘seeds,’ representing opposite sides of the issue, would come into existence.—Ge 3:15.

Think for a moment , if your neighbor made the claim that you were an unfit parent, neglecting and abusing your children, this charge was made to the entire neighborhood, would you going over to the neighbor and beat them up? Would that answer the question raised? No, but what if your children testified to all that you are just and loving, caring, you have shown as a parent since their childhood demonstrating your headship in the most exemplary way, would that not answer the charges before all the neighbors, in that way Jehovah allows his human subjects to answer to his just rulership.

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Stringio John Uka Excel in the Lord
God is good all the time and cannot change because of lucifer or any other person. He is also righteous and not capricious.

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Seth3 Seth Freeman
Removing Lucifer would not have done anything to remove the "sin problem".  Part of being a free agent created in the image of God means that we can make our own choices. God desires a loving and personal relationship with us. The only way to engage in an honest loving relationship is if I am free to choose to not engage in that relationship. Love cannot be love if it is forced. Adam and Eve always had the choice in front of them to obey or disobey.

 Suggesting that the removal of Satan would have meant that sin would never have entered the world is probably a false assumption. The choice to sin was made by Adam and Eve. Not Satan.

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Mini Anonymous
If the Serpent in Eden story = the Satan, how is it that what he did was a sin, when it was a challenge and test for the humanity? That the Serpent said was not a lie but a truth should not be overlooked. The Devil is called 'father of lies' (ESV Jn 8:44). But this is a wrong translation. The Devil never lies but uses truths, unlike our politicians in D.C. He is 'father of DECEPTION', not deceiving he does or he can, but he wants to see people get themselves deceived.

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Stringio Vincent Mercado Supporter Skeptic turned believer, Catholic, father of 3
Humans (and Angels) sin, not because of the devil, but because of free will. 

We cannot blame the devil for our sins. We can only blame ourselves because we, by our own free will, chose to reject God's love.

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