Is the current political turmoil in Egypt related to Isaiah 19:2?

Is Isa. 19.2 what is going on today in Egypt or has the prophecy in that verse been fulfilled already?

Isaiah 19:2

ESV - 2 And I will stir up Egyptians against Egyptians, and they will fight, each against another and each against his neighbor, city against city, kingdom against kingdom.

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Also read Isaiah 17-1 Damascus ( Capital of Syria ) will be turned into a pile of Rubble, never to be inhabited again !! Civil war going on - got from the land of Magog Ezekiel 38 ( modern day Rosh - Russia come's down from the north. ) they are supplying Syria and Obama is arming Al- queda ( our enemies ) . Yep the Word of GOD is playing out , Right on Target . Next for in one hour ,your Riches have come to not . !! Watch the Fall of the American Dollar , coming soon !! Be prepared Stock up on food and water and don't forget Protection- Gun's and a lot of Ammo . When there is no food or Water , your best friend's will Kill you for a loaf of Bread . ( Don't be deceived either by these mega church's who Tickle your Ear's 2ND TIMOTHY 4 ) False teacher's and false Preacher's are all around the Church's today. Be aware and be warned !! Like the Church of Ladocia in Revalation's !! There neither Hot or Cold but LUKE WARM !! And God will Spew (Vomit ) them out . If your Church just give's you a SUGAR COATED MESSAGE. Run as far from that fallen church as possible. Boycott these Mega Church's that don't have a Cross on the outside or Inside !! There excuse is they don't want to intimidate anyone.They are false Church's .

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Imag0151 Stephen M

Actually Christ often displayed a righteous anger. Wasn't it He who made a whip and physically drove the traders out of the temple? Wasn't it He who called the pharisees some pretty cutting names including vipers etc? Wasn't it He who who said I come not to bring peace but a sword etc. Check out Luke 19.27 where Jesus said 'bring my enemies here that I may slaughter them before me'. Actually Jesus loved, but He also displayed righteous anger. When He returns He will return as the Lion of Judah and will rule the nations with a rod of iron. The time of gentle Jesus meek and mild will be over.

February 25 2015 Report

1516588950 Lexie Duncan

That was a really good point
"Stephen M." He is love and Mercy, but he is also Just. The two (mercy @ justice.) contradict each other, but because he is God, he is able to perform it.

February 25 2015 Report

Imag0151 Stephen M

Yep I know those references. But to date unfortunately my question largely remains unanswered. I have my own opinion that Isa.19.2 is for now, but it's only my opinion I have no biblical evidence to back it up.

February 25 2015 Report

Stringio Tammy Thorpe

If you live as Christ lived, you know Christ is against violence. God will provide and protect his childern.

February 25 2015 Report

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