How should Christians respond to the "War on Christmas"?


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Closeup Jennifer Rothnie Supporter Housewife, Artist, Perpetually Curious
As God never commands us to celebrate Christmas, and we are to live in peace with all men (as far as it depends on us), harm to the testimony of Christ can actually be done by creating controversy over a holiday of man. (Rom 12:18, Heb 12:14)

While we are to stand up for the gospel (Even to the point of shedding blood and severe persecution), and we are not to remove the offense of the gospel in a vain attempt to appease others, we are to 'turn the other cheek' when faced with oppression or loss in our own personal lives.

The question then becomes, is Christmas a matter of the gospel, or a personal want? It cannot be claimed that it is a necessary component of the gospel. (I Cor 1:22-23, I Cor 1:18). In fact, the standard Christmas tale prioritizes tradition over scripture and the gospel message, thus introducing distortion and lies into the clarity of the Word of Truth.

Furthermore, many non-christians are well aware of the fact that winter solstice celebrations were kept long before Christmas to worship the pagan sun gods such as Apollo, and that the Catholic church 'christianized' these holidays in an attempt to win converts.

Many in the early church did not want to celebrate Christmas, as its early form was nearly identical to the pagan form they had celebrated prior to conversion. The modern form has added on many new traditions (such as figgy pudding, and a jollier santa clause) thanks to authors such as Charles Dickens.

Christmas can then become a stumbling block to witnessing. Many unbelievers are primarily exposed to Christmas and Easter as the main witnesses of the church (vs. The simplicity of the gospel message!). Non-Christians often use this to claim that "the whole religion" is a copy and a lie. At best, credibility has been damaged.

How can credibility be restored, once lost? Many in the church have presented lies or distortions rather than the truth of the gospel, and presented a holiday rather than nothing more or less than the work of the cross. In some circles, Christmas is treated as synonymous with the coming of Christ.

Yet Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. God is worshiped in spirit and in truth (John 4:24). Regardless of whether we personally keep Christmas or not, we should be very careful in keeping the gospel message devoid of additions or omissions.

Christians response to the 'war on Christmas' should be to lose, and lose graciously! It is not a battle God calls us to fight. Our response to the world should be whatever promotes the pure gospel and shows the love of God to men.

If a Christian wishes to celebrate Christmas, they should do so in freedom - just as we are also free not to keep it. We should take care, however, that Christmas is not treated as a day appointed by God, as an essential of the Christian faith, or as a mark of being more spiritual.

Lastly, we should be far more concerned about the oppression of believers and hostility towards the gospel message; that is, the world's war on Christianity. There were 45.5 million martyrs in the 20th century, more than the combination of all deaths before! (About 65% of the estimated 70 million who have died since Christ).

The real war we fight is not against flesh and blood. It's not at shopping malls or city halls. It is against the powers of the air, and it is waged for the souls of man (Eph 6:12). If someone never hears the pure gospel, how can they then have faith? (Rom 10:14-15)

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Shea S. Michael Houdmann Supporter Got Questions Ministries
Many people perceive a modern-day "war on Christmas" being waged in the public square. Those who believe in the reality of a war on Christmas see a concerted effort to eliminate the word Christmas ...

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Image Natalie Capaldi Homemaker
Why I believe...
God Hates Christmas!

I believe with all my heart that God is disgusted and saddened about what Christmas has deteriorated into in the minds of most people. I sincerely believe that God hates Christmas in all over the world. Christmas has become so synthetic, so phony, so meaningless.

It's a mad rush by businesses to make as much money as possible before Christmas day. Christmas has sadly become VERY commercialized all over the world. Money, money, money! Christmas isn't supposed to be about spending and giving, it's not about the birth of Jesus Christ. It's about God's free gift of eternal life to a world of undeserving sinners. We all deserve to burn in Hell for our sins, but God in His wonderful love provided a way of escape for mankind, a plan of redemption. God wanted to redeem man back to Himself. So God sent His only begotten Son into the world to be rejected of men, despised, spit upon, beaten, mocked, tortured, bound and ultimately crucified to death as a criminal. 

Oh that people would seek the truth. Santa Claus is a mockery of the Savior, who knows everything and can be everywhere at one time. Interestingly, Santa spells S-A-T-A-N if you rearrange the letters. Coincidence?

X-mas Has Become a Favorite Holiday of the Wicked Unsaved:

Tragically, nearly all of the people celebrating Christmas aren't even saved. Most of the people observing the Christmas season don't know the Lord as their personal Savior. Even atheists celebrate Christmas by renaming it "X-MAS."

If it weren't for Santa Claus, reindeers, mistletoe, sparkling ornaments, tinsel, and a bunch of meaningless silly songs... the heathen world would abandon Christmas like a hot-potato. 

Do you think that God Almighty is pleased with a holiday that excludes Jesus Christ? No way! God hates Christmas. And may I say again, there is NOTHING in the Word of God which leads us to recognize the birth of Christ in any way. 

The Bible Doesn't Ask Believers to Observe Christmas:

Did you ever stop to think that there is NOTHING in the Bible which commands us to celebrate or recognize Christmas? Yes, that is true! God never tells us to recognize the birth of His Son. 

However, we are commanded in the Bible to recognize the Lord's death upon the cross. This is done during the Lord's supper. At the Lord's Supper in church, we remember Jesus' body which was crucified upon the cross and His blood which was shed to cleanse our sins away. 

God doesn't magnify Christmas in the Bible. The term "Christmas" is not a Biblical term. God never told us to celebrate Easter either. We are not commanded to observe Good Friday. We are only commanded to "remember" Jesus' work of redemption from time-to-time. The world recognizes a bunch of holidays which God does not. God recognizes Jesus being crucified upon the cross and He wants us to recognize that alone. 

The Amount of Money That Australians Spend on Christmas Could Feed Millions of Starving People in Several Third-World Nations:

Christmas has become a joke in Australia & all over the world.If we took all the money spent on Christmas trees, tinsel, ornaments, wrapping paper, snowmen, flashing lights, and everything else imaginable... we could literally feed millions of people in several starving third-world nations.

Are we really celebrating Jesus' birthday? Don't you think it would mean much more to God if you witness to the Unsaved instead of decorating your home inside and out? Sure it would. 

The Plain Truth About Christmas (it's Babylonian occult origins)

Biblically, Jesus was never born in December & it's not recorded in the bible exactly when Jesus was born anyway! I am against the Satanic deceptions that have integrated with Christ's birth to manufacture the worldly holiday of Christmas. 

God does NOT make a big deal out of Christmas and I think we would be wise to do the same. In fact, God does not make an issue of it at all.

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Mini Susan Ramos
I agree that Jesus' birth may not have occurred in December. I also have not 

seen anywhere in the Bible that commands us to celebrate the birth of our 

Savior, and I agree the Gospel is what we are commissioned to share with 

others. But, what is the harm in celebrating Jesus' birth or supporting the 

holiday (albeit man-made) that celebrates it? Jesus' birth sets the stage for 

God's grace and unconditional love for mankind. Hence, a significant time in 

history. That said, Christmas is or can be an opportunity for believers to tell the 

story of Jesus' birth, extend kindness, goodness and generosity to others, 

remind ourselves of its true meaning and not allow ourselves to get thrown into 

its commercialism and trivial controversies because I agree that would simply 

defeat its purpose. I do have a problem when others choose to remove Christ 

from the celebration and use the season to generalize it to suit their personal 

purpose (e.g. Happy Holidays vs Merry Christmas). I have a heart for Jesus 

and I am thankful for and love Christmas! May God continue to bless 

and strengthen us all and fill us with His hope, love and peace!

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