What should parents tell their children about Santa Claus?


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Mini Beonca Taylor

Is it wrong for Christians to have Easter egg hunts complete with the easter bunny present?

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Isaiah 46 4. a i will sustain you and rescue you Berean Researcher

Yes, it is wrong for Christians to have Easter egg hunts and Easter Bunny present. Why would one want to celebrate a fertility goddess? The statue of which is an ugly one with eggs all over the goddesses body.

Why pass on lies about Passover Week a time of the High Holy Days culminating with the worship and praise of the Resurrection?

Remembering the First Advent and looking forward to the Second Advent are the only concentration.

Christians are not to practice pagan worshipping.

We are rather than all to give all honor, glory, with our thanks giving to the Lord God Almighty, I AM that I AM with all of our praise and .

What is "culture" and "tradition" does not make an action permissible and goes against the absolute truth of the Word.

People push Santa and Bunnies imagine a god that fits their new cultural wants and values, and they learn to see this distortion of Christianity as the true church.

Biblical Christianity means being joined to Jesus Christ through faith in what He did for us at the cross, then allowing Him to live His life through us, so that others might know Him and see His love

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