Will there be a partial rapture?


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Mini Jennifer Henkel

NO... the Bible does not speak of a "partial" rapture.

This has been used as a scare tactic to "carnal" Christians.

January 10 2014 Report

Mini vanessa pannuti

My grandfather and I think that because of what is written in Matthew 19:27-29, the 24 elders seen in the book of Revelation sitting on the thrones can represent the Church. the disciples and Simon Peter were the first Christian Church. We think that the "rapture" may happen after the 7th Trumpet is blown at Rev.11:16, then the Male Child is "caught up" in Heaven as well. My grandfather wrote that this should be the beginning of the final "Half Week", 1260 days.

September 01 2014 Report

Mini Jennifer Henkel

The male child in Revelation 12 is clearly Jesus Christ, who after His resurrection was caught up to Heaven. The woman is Israel, who birthed Jesus and who the Dragon will seek to destroy. God protects the woman (Israel) during the tribulation.

September 02 2014 Report

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