Why did Satan think he could defeat God?


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Stringio Eliakim Zacarias

Gary Creel, really it is hard to answer these questions. I have no answer, but I want to share something I perceived looking at this world.
People do not hate Satan. People trying to find God hate Satan, but other people even like him. And what do you tell about praying to him and miracles of cure, I think it will be... the science is advancing, and while the science is advancing, people are trying to prove they can do what God can do (life, cure, hapiness, etc).
They are wrong, of course, but in the End of Times it will be terrible. Today people abandon God to worship the money, passions and the science. In the End of Times people will forget God and they will think the science can do all the things. And there is another thing about worship... Remember? The image of the beast will kill those who do not worship the beast (and it is sad and terrible how the end seems to be near).

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1411230776 Tuyi Dina

The devil is after all of us, but there is a way to win a victory over him. We have to live our lives everyday for God, when we wake up in the morning we need to seek the lord, when we go throughout our day, we need to seek the lord, when we go to sleep we should let Jesus be the last person to talk to while we fall asleep. Don't focus on this world so much but seek the Lord because you will find what you are looking for.

March 22 2014 Report

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