What is the book of Enoch and should it be in the Bible?


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Shea S. Michael Houdmann Supporter Got Questions Ministries
The Book of Enoch is any of several pseudepigraphal (falsely attributed works, texts whose claimed authorship is unfounded) works that attribute themselves to Enoch, the great-grandfather of Noah; ...

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Knp1 227 Cornelius Geldenhuys
All I want to say is what could it possible add that we might need? We have SO much in the Word of the Almighty, why would we want to add something that is not 100% confirmed truth? If it needed to be in the Bible it would have been in it...

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Mini Matt Sacra
What it is: The book of Enoch explains many things about the fallen angels and their offspring from Gen 6 (and pending judgment), contains many prophecies of the Son of Man, explanations of calendar/time keeping, great encouragement to walk in holiness, departing from sin, and the end times and the new creation. 

Should it be in the bible? Sure. I see no reason why not. Many early Christians quoted from it, and some considered it scripture. Here are some examples:

-"the scripture says, 'And it will come to pass in the last days, that the Lord will deliver up the sheep of His pasture, their sheepfold, and their tower to destruction'" -Barnabas (quoting from Enoch 89:56-66) 70-130AD

-"Jude says, 'Enoch also, the seventh from Adam, prophesied of these.' In these words, he verifies the prophecy." -Clement of Alexandria 195AD

-"I am aware that the scripture of Enoch...is not received by some. For it is not admitted by the Jewish canon, either...There is still this consideration to warrant or assertion of the genuineness of this scripture: [Noah] could equally have rewritten it, under the Spirit's inspiration, if it had been destroyed by the violence of the deluge." -Tertullian 198AD

-"Since in the same scripture, Enoch has preached similarly concerning the Lord, nothing at all must be rejected by us that pertains to us. We read that every scripture suitable for edification is divinely inspired. So it may now seem to have been rejected by the Jews for that very reason - just like nearly all other portions that speak of Christ....To these considerations is added the fact that Enoch possesses a corroboration in the apostle Jude." -Tertullian 198AD

-"However, perhaps someone will inquire whether we can obtain out of scripture any basis for such an understanding of the subject. Now, I think such a view is indicated in the Psalms, when the prophet says 'My eyes have seen your imperfection.'...Enoch, also, in his book, speaks as follows, 'I have walked on even to perfection.'...It is written in the same book of Enoch, 'I saw the whole of matter.'" -Origen 225AD

I suggest you pray as you read Enoch and highlight both good, encouraging verses & any you find questionable. Pray more as you critically examine both sides, following the Spirit of God, without fear of man. Apply the same scrutiny, critical thinking, judgment, and research in good faith that you do studying and defending the rest of the bible. 

For example, many have read that 2 Kgs 24:8 and 2 Chr 36:9 claim Jehoiachin to be both eighteen and eight upon becoming king, and as we know, the scriptures are not in error. A simple explanation is a copyist error from the complex Hebrew numbering system when translated to another language. Likewise, some site Enoch 7:3 as an error because it claims the height of giants were 3,000 cubits (over a kilometer, or almost a mile high)! Now it may be possible that the offspring of angels were really that big, but perhaps a copyist error exists as with Jehoiachin's age. The original is correct, but somewhere between copies, the version we have today shows something different. 

If we find something that seems to be a contradiction, I suggest that instead of dismissing the book, we attempt to fairly & reasonably test it within the book itself, the other books of the bible, and rules of grammar and numbering in the original language and translations, looking for explanations both for and against it. The answer may not always come quickly and easily, but we must use honest scales (Prov 11:1, Prov 16:11), and as with all things, the Holy Spirit will guide us into all truth (John 16:13).

Blessings, Matt

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Carry me Ramon Carroll
I do believe that the book of Enoch should be in the bible. If it was important enough to be referenced then I dont see why Christians should reject it unless they find blatant errors or contradictions. I have read it and have not found anything that cannot be reconciled with the 66 books.

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