If I am saved and all of my sins are forgiven, why not continue to sin?


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Mini Mahima Parimi

We continue to sin because we are not perfect. Satan is the ruler of this world now he can tempt you but he has no power over you unless you you listen to him and believe his lies.

July 21 2014 Report

Mini Karri Gans

Praise God!! This question came up in a Ministry class I was in last night and after reading this it put my Heart at ease and gave me understanding!! I prayed on this and when I got up to do my reading this Morning here is the answer..Now that is God working and he is so Good!! Thank You to all that posted~ God Bless You!!

November 04 2014 Report

Data Danny Hickman

"If you're saved and all your sins are forgiven, why not continue to sin"?

You do continue... When did you stop?

Here's a question: If you can't get saved until you discontinue your sins, when do you plan to get started? Be careful... prevaricating is not allowed!

September 13 2021 Report

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