Why are there so many different Christian interpretations? If all Christians have the same Bible, and the same Holy Spirit, should not Christians be able to agree?


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Mini James Kraft

I saw a statement I believe was on ebible that said, "salvation is a free gift, but it will cost you everything." I said to myself, no, It costs Jesus everything. He is the one who paid the price for our freedom from the penalty of sin. It's His work and His righteousness that paid the horrible price he did, and when we try to earn our salvation it is a slap in the face to what Jesus did for us that cannot be bought or earned.

God will not accept people who think they can do anything to save themselves. It is either a free gift or by works. IF you think you can work your way to heaven then go for it. But you will never make it. Even if you fake it, like so many in the church today.

I have seen people almost destroyed in churches in legalism. These people have no grace.Everything comes down to law. If you dare break their unwritten laws you will be held in contempt. The bible is right. If you live under the letter of the law it will kill the spirit that lives in you, and you can love no one unless of course they belong to your cult and follow like sheep.

Jesus died for our freedom from following rules and regulations.

April 22 2016 Report

Data Danny Hickman

No, Jesus didn't die to save me from having to keep a set of rules, written or not written. He saved me from dying and being dead forever.

December 25 2021 Report

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