How can I become more like Christ?


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Shea S. Michael Houdmann Supporter Got Questions Ministries
God's desire for all who know Him is for us to become more like Christ. We do this by first growing in our knowledge of Christ. It stands to reason that we cannot grow to be like someone we don't k...

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David goliath victory hg clr Jim Tumlinson One beggar leading others to where the bread is
We are exactly like Christ, we are the express image of the Father, as Jesus is so are we in this world, His spirit inhabits born again believers. We have all the power of God with in us. We have the same authority, same stance etc. We have the mind of Christ etc etc. We are exactly like Him with one exception, He sits at the right hand of God but God upholds us with His righteous right hand.

Now for the practical part. We have to not allow our flesh to rule. We need to take time to get the Fathers heart on matters. Most of the time we get in a hurry and don't listen for God. Jesus spent time praying and Jesus said He did what He heard His father saying, for us that is by the Holy Spirit and the Word, and He did what He saw His father doing, for us that is the Word also. What we see in scripture.

Jesus was not religious but did not like the attitude of the religious rulers. Jesus never condemned the sinner, but loved them, Jesus ate with sinners and hung out with people. He loved people and did not seclude Himself from them except for prayer.

Like Michael said above, it is best to read our bible so we can see His character and begin to imitate His character. It is His character we see and want to emulate. Our giftings will take us to places our character cannot keep us.

So the more we know Him and excercise self control etc the more we will develop our character and be more like Him in the flesh or natural here on earth. We should be going around healing the sick, praying for people, giving not just to the poor but giving. These are just some examples of what Jesus did while He was here. So to be more like Him is to do like Him, to talk like Him, see like Him etc. The only way we can do these things is to read our bible, not just the gospels but the entire new testament. Hope this helps :)

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Data Bruce Lyon Elder: Restoration Fellowship Assembly
One can become more like the lord Jesus by becoming committed to doing what he has said to do. First, by following his creed in Mark 12:28-29. Next by asking his God and his Father our God and our Father for more of His spirit to overcome the desires of the flesh, desires of the eyes and the pride of possessions. Third to walk as Jesus did, do as he did and obey the commission he has given to us to preach the gospel, the good news about the coming Kingdom of God, which is all he talked about. Forth, to seek first the Kingdom of God's rulership in our lives now. Faith = Commitment total commitment to doing God's will in our lives. We need to walk in obedience to the lord Jesus as he walked in obedience to his God and his Father Yahwey!

If we do these things we will become more like God's anointed one!

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Open uri20160531 6655 1agczyi Karen Nygaard
I agree with everything that has been stated, but would like to add: Acts 1:8
The Holy Spirit empowers us to live Christlike. We can do nothing in and if ourselves.

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By living for him daily, reading & studying the word, being faithful to him, and the church, and on top of that, love everybody.

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