Who is Satan?


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Who is Satan? In answering this question I wish to remind all readers that whatever knowledge that has heard, said or written is from the Holy Bible.
Quotations concerning the existence of Satan and his role is taken from the Holy Bible. Who then is the Author of the Holy a Bible? It seems if mankind wants to know about Satan, we have to go to the creator.

Unfortunately theologians and scholars have made Satan a separate entity, some continue to say that He was a good angel and he turned Bad and became Satan. Some teach that he is an "opposition" to God.

May I remind readers that the God of the Holy Bible will never have an opposition. He stands tall and there is none like him. Imagine telling someone that the creator has an opposition and it is his creation.

Some have quoted various scriptures to justify the fall of lucifer as one who wants to be like the most high. May I ask my learned friends "Can anyone stand before him or equate him and to cap it all, and be his creation?"

It is true Jesus quoted he saw Satan fall like lightening, can we take this scripture and tie it up with our beliefs or our understanding?

May I again ask readers, what can Satan do without the Creator? Satan exists because of the existence, the existence being the Holy God of the Bible, and of course nothing exists without him.

Some have quoted the Garden of Eden scene and many other names Satan is called by. Again I ask, how did they know all this; where did they learn this? If it is from the Holy Bible, than I ask, who do you think is in control?

If Satan rebelled, as taught by many theologians, than we need to ask, have angels a free will like mankind? Imagine there are billions of angels all with free wills, and somebody is going to tell us that about sixty three percent are non-rebellious angels. May I ask, are there any good angels we know of that are presently being seduced by Satan? And if that is possible? If Satan is presently targeting man, who has a free will, why not the angels also that have a free will?

In reading and listening to many on this subject, I want to say that I too at one time thought and spoke the same language till I came to know " The GOD OF THE BIBLE". By this I mean that the Bible that we have is all about Jehovah, Yeshua, Yahweh or what ever name we know Him as. It is his story and the Bible is all about Him. It is not about Man or Satan, it is about Him. When mankind comes to this knowledge than we will be able to understand the Holy Book we call the Bible, we than will salute Him, for who He is.

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