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Is God sovereign and/or do we have a free will?


Clarify Share Report Asked July 01 2013 Mini Anonymous (via GotQuestions)

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Mini Jonathan King

The whole tenor of that answer some how does not stand in the light of 2John 3 ;9. He is not willing that any should perish but that ALL should come to repentance! He also knew that " broad is the road to destruction & few there be that find it". The work on Calvary was for all that would accept it & choose to follow Him!

January 11 2014 Report

Mini Larry Truelove

I reject the notion that "dead in trespasses and sins" means that we have no will in the matter of God. The whole concept is doctrinally biased toward Calvinism. If that were what it meant then logically our will would also be passive with regard to resisting God as well.

January 12 2014 Report

Mini Brian Ansell

I have will, so can you if you choose to

November 04 2019 Report

Closeup Jennifer Rothnie

This interesting youtube video takes a clip from C.S. Lewis on this topic and puts some chalk visuals to eat so it is easy to follow along:

He dives into how God can both be sovereign (in authority/govern) as well as allow man freewill, and why both are necessary and not in conflict.

November 05 2019 Report

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