Does God still speak to us today?


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Mini Gert Jansen van Vuuren

God speaks to us through the Holy Spirit that was sent to us (born again believer) to live inside us, to guide us, to share with us what he hears from God.

March 06 2014 Report

Data Danny Hickman

So the consensus on this site is that God speaks to us through the bible and possibly through thoughts and feelings. I've been thinking all along that some of the answers I read here are words of wisdom passed on by the writers with inspiration from the Holy Spirit.

Also, nobody here seems to think their pastor and associate ministers are speaking for God when they preach the gospel.

I'm different, it seems. I've had preachers address a concern of mine while preaching, as if they'd been told by someone what I was going through on that day! I had a TV minister do it two days in a row. I missed work the third day (he comes on daily) because I wanted to see if it would continue. IT DIDN'T.

YES!! God still speaks to anyone who is interested in having a conversation with Him. How He does it is a private matter. Tell anyone, believer or atheist, that God spoke to you and you'll get the same strange look from them. Then there's the skeptic that thinks your experience should be an episode somewhere in the bible, or it didn't happen.

Like I said, private matter...

September 28 2021 Report

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