Is God male or female?


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Shea S. Michael Houdmann Supporter Got Questions Ministries
In examining Scripture, two facts become clear. First, God is a Spirit and does not possess human characteristics or limitations. Second, all the evidence contained in Scripture agrees that God rev...

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Open uri20140324 12796 rbpc5q Andrew Osakue Ex: Chief T. Officer, Fish Farmer, Bible Teacher, Men Leader
God is masculine all through the scriptures. More so, He is called God the father which is masculine. He appeared to mankind as a man through JESUS CHRIST who was masculine. But if we look at it from the view point procreation between male and female, we will be wrong because heavenly beings do not procreate (Mk 12:25).

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Image Thomas K M A retired Defence Scientist from Indian Defence R&D Orgn.
Our God is supernatural God. He is a living God. He is invisible and he is spirit(Jn.4:24). He is eternal,immortal and invisible(1Tim.1:17) 

God’s creation including the creation of man and woman was God’s mega plan. The Bible says that "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways," declares the LORD.(Isiah 55:8). We humans are in no position to exalt our minds over the awesome mind of God on this issue. Everything what God does is unique and unmatched. It is beyond the human thinking and His thought process is beyond the human thoughts. 

Let us come to the question whether our living God is a male or female. He is neither male nor female. (Luke 20:34 - 36).

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Stringio Dale Richardson
God is called the Father, Jesus is the Eternal Son, which is a reference that masculine, the lineage listed in Luke 3 is son to father. The bible presents God as masculine, saying otherwise isn’t in accordance with scripture. In Isaiah 9:6 he was called the Everlasting father. In the Ten Commandments, God says honour your father and your mother, but only identifies himself as our father, never once does God identify himself as mother, there is a reason why I reveals himself to us as Father. The scripture says God is our father and that settles the dispute for me.

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Mini Roger Young
Perhaps the best answer is that God is both male and female. God created us in His image. Also, "... male and female He created them." I don't need to tell anyone that males and females of our species exhibit different characteristics. Not just different physical characteristics (these don't matter concerning our likeness to God since God is spirit), but differences in our emotions and thinking processes. These differences are perhaps best seen in the emotions as a husband and wife relate to their children. Males tend to be more direct and deliberate in training their children. Females are more nurturing and caring in the parent/child relationship. God exhibits both sets of characteristics when dealing with mankind, for example nurturing the young nation of Isreal in their beginning and growth, but severely punishing their rejection of Him.

That being said, maleness and femaleness are differences created by God and are interpreted by us within the context of God's overall creation of our universe and the life within it. God "Himself" exists outside the creation in a form described to us as "spirit". We have no means of knowing anything about God's essence except for what God has revealed to us. By imprinting "His" essence, or likeness, on mankind God has given us a deep and intimate understanding of His nature. While different aspects of that nature are expressed uniquely on males and females, e.g. in complexities of emotions, other features like moral character are expressed more uniformly.

In summary, our identities are deeply rooted in being male or female, but this is a created distinction that does not seem to apply to God. However, this distinction is powerfully used by God to illustrate His characteristics and our relationship to Him (like a father, like a husband, sometimes like a mother, etc...)

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Mini Kenneth Heck
There are two genders in order to procreate, or to multiply and be fruitful. But God is truly beyond all distinctions or limitations of gender. He is able to enter fully into the inner nature of either male and female. At the time the scriptures were written men ruled over women, and there was a great social gulf separating the sexes in society. God is described as male in the bible as an aid in comprehending (by analogy) his unique sovereign power and authority. In this God isn't just male, but actually a "super-male" who exceeds any and all created males in maleness.

Just as when God "winked" for a time at the worship of idols (Acts 17:30), 
so we also, for a time, are spiritually led to conceive of God as a male for our own convenience in worship, praise, and prayer (not God's convenience).

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