Why did Judas betray Jesus?


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Such a great and insightful response! God bless you!

March 10 2014 Report

John1717 Clare Knowlton

The BIBLE says that Satan came into Judas and Judas went to the people and said he would betray JESUS for money.
So temptation, Devil, greed.

April 08 2014 Report

Mini Salem Markus Purba

First of all, because Man has a knowledge of good and evil (Genesis 3:22) just as the two sides of the same coin.

Secondly, from the human good side point of view, it was a part of God's plan to save the world (Isaiah 55: 8-9; John 3: 16-17; Mathew 16:21- 23; 26: 24).

Thirdly, from the human evil side point of view, it was the unfaithfulness of man to God that had been done by Adam, his descendants and us as well. So, all of us are sinners as Judas was, and and only Jesus can saves us from condemnation (John 21: 20-23).

December 13 2014 Report

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