What should be done if a husband and wife disagree on tithing / how much to give?


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Shea S. Michael Houdmann Supporter Got Questions Ministries
When a husband and wife disagree on "tithing" or on how much to give to the local church and other ministries, much conflict can arise. First, it is important to understand that Christians under th...

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As Michael said above a new covenant believer is under no obligation to tithe.
The husband is the spiritual leader in the home and the wife should follow her husband. That being said if he is the one who chooses either not to give or wants to give less or wants to give more then he should be followed. I feel like your concern is the tithe. One of you wants to give 10% and the other says no. 

Let's look at Abram, he was blessed by God and was rich, Gen 12. Then in Gen 14 he gives a tithe to Melchizedek out of the abundance of his riches. Later it became law for the Jews to give a tithe to support the Levitical priesthood. So once again you do not need to give a tithe but don't stop giving. The church still has bills to pay and needs your giving to help keep the doors open.

Now the husband wife agreement; since there is no need to give a tithe and if you both can settle on that then this would be my suggestion; make a budget and see where your offering can fit in that budget and find a place financially where you both can agree and give that. A house divided against itself cannot stand. God does not want you to give out of compulsion and if you are asking then perhaps that is the case.

God is more concerned with you two agreeing on giving than He is on how much you give. He said give and it will be given back to you, so it is not the size that counts only the heart. I could go on and on but agreement is the most important thing in your relationship.

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In such a scenario, I would advise the one party, the more understanding one, to concede. This usually comes in the following situations; a) when the budget is constrained, b) what is to be tithed on is quite much and the tithe is quite a sum.

Usually husbands are stronger; they usually find their way out. Ladies many times easily submit to the will of the husbands. In such a case, I suppose it is the husband who is against. To ensure peace in the home, I would advise the wife to submit. Seek the Lord for a way out. But it could also be the wife who is against. In both cases, I would advise the one party to submit. But prayer should go on so that a way that is in the interest of God's protection of the family's finances is found.

NB It is incumbent on us to tithe. That is the one sure way to uphold the Church financially. If we preach against it, many Churches would definitely suffer financially. I am a pastor, but I hardly get a tithe from a Christian. However, I strongly do believe that tithe is not only an Old Testament issue; it is a logical Biblical way to keep the Church upright in financial terms. All the other ways of giving are out of one's wish, tithe is mandatory, if you disregard it, many Churches may fail financially (Malachi 3:6-12). The devil realizes he has been defeated in many ways, all he is trying now; is to try to cripple the Church financially, we should counter his wiles. 

The Old Testament giving is equally encouraged in the New Testament, for example when Jesus told the leper He had healed to take a gift to the priest according to the laws of Moses (Matthew 8:4). To give is to testify the Lord has indeed blessed me/you. Equally so it is for those who tithe. God’s protection of one’s finances is ensured. To give back to God is not to say God has run dry because all is His (Psalms 24:1). It is only a way, the surest way to get another blessing from God. I don’t know why God wouldn’t want us to tithe in the New Testament. Could someone tell me why?

Conclusively, if you are a couple, I would say you should always endeavor to come an agreement if you find yourselves in such controversies, because at this level, you are viewed as one, if it is a blessing, you will be blessed together. God fearing people, those who accepted Jesus the CHRIST to be their Lord and Saviour, and are transformed can never fail to agree, and more so to agree the Bible way.

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