What is theistic evolution?


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Mini Gavin Lawrie

Theistic evolution is a more dangerous mindset than atheism (neither qualify to be called a theory). It is like the half truth. The half truth 'seems' to be credible as it has a 'ring of truth' about it. But the witness in the courtroom is required to tell the truth, the WHOLE truth, and nothing but the truth. The 1/2 truth is more dangerous because for the unwary it can be difficult to detect. Evolution is scientifically impossible, requiring an 'up hill' progression, but survival of the fittest (Darwinian evolution) necessarily involves the LOSS of information, a 'down hill' culling.Theistic evolution, being a Satanic ploy (an anti-Christ of world-wide proportions), brings about our spiritual enemy's intended outcome: a dilution of the Gospel, leading to a weakening of faith in God as Creator, and then to God being viewed as irrelevant superstitious myth. There are far too many compromised Christians (lukewarm, making God sick) including in theological colleges, leading to a world without direction, believing (for a time) anything and everything. This results in a world/society apparently spinning out of control, but He will NOT allow godless wo/men to drag us down to total depravity and eternal self destruction. Jesus will return before that happens.

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