What does the Bible say about depression? How can a Christian overcome depression?


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Stringio Cindy Gilbert

I don't know how to overcome depression because it's an everyday struggle for me. I'm trying to be a good christian and look to God. I'm trying to get help through my church but I don't want to put so much attention on myself. I would rather other people get their prayers answered and have blessings. I feel like I'm a bother when I ask for help.

Nevertheless, I am so getting counselling. I have a psychologist and a psychiatrist and am on medication, but most of the time I feel like I'm not worth all the help I'm asking for.

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Mini Sharon Nelson

Cindy, God loves you with everlasting love. You have been made worthy by Jesus shedding His blood on the cross. Don't let the enemy of your soul win. He is a liar a thief and a robber. If you ever doubt your worthiness, read scriptures that tell you how you have been made worthy and meditate on them.

I also suffer from (clinical) depression and am on medication, which has changed my life. Our hope is in God and he has a wonderful plan for our lives. Jer. 29:11 is one of my favorite verses.

November 11 2014 Report

Mini Mark Neidert

I have depression. I also have its siblings, OCD, anxiety, and insomnia. I pray to God for help. I remind myself that God works in my best interest always. I say the Lord's prayer. I also pray that God will kick out any devils that might be aggravating the situation.

I think demons act to make our depression worse. I don't think they cause it but I think they see a weakness and they are willing to exploit a weakness.

Depression can be made more difficult by the reactions I get from some Christians. There is the "health and wealth" Christians who believe I must not be a member of the Kingdom of God. THe more mainstream Christians tend to wonder what is wrong. Some doubt the strength of my faith. After all, with the promise of whats to come why aren't I happy.

Depression is a real mess and some well meaning Christians can make it worse.
a) You think you are a loser and life is terrible.
b) Your family and friends tell you that you are weak or they question your faith.
c) then the devil tells us we are right, we are losers (possibly)

Try reading this book.
12 Christian Beliefs That Can Drive You Crazy by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr John Townsend I think I paid $12.99 for it on Amazon.

It can provide some clarification. It discusses how well meaning elders can give us both bad and unbiblical advice.

It might be good to share with your loved ones when you are done, but you will have read it and you can decide that.

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