What does the Bible say about abortion?


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Mini John Agbonlahor

TOkay let it
be known to mankind in general that whatever we rip is what what we have sown,the bible makes it clear that no man has the right to another man blood because that little thing may become president or bishop if God given chance is exercised the bible makes it abundantly clear thou shall not kill.

February 10 2014 Report

Mini Bob Exelby

One aspect of abortion that is not discussed is the welfare of the soul of the aborted.

From Job 3:16 we learn that the still born and the aborted babies go to heaven. What are the chances that the born babies that are not wanted or loved will go to heaven?

Less than 2% of the world profess Jesus as their Savior. That means that 98% of all babies born will go to Hell and suffer for eternity. What is the percentage of the unwanted, starving, neglected and diseased babies born that will go to heaven?

Are we populating Hell by making those that do not want or cannot care for a baby bring the baby to birth?

February 26 2018 Report

Data Danny Hickman

So Bob,
Are you preaching that getting pregnant and then, for whatever reason, abruptly ending the life of the baby being formed in the mother's womb, is a way of ensuring that the person doesn't spend eternity in hell, thereby making it preferable to living a life outside of the womb? I 've been cautioned to focus more on the question than the person asking or providing an answer to the question. That is not as easy as it sounds. The idea of ending the life of the person in the mother's womb is presented as a good thing? Am I hearing this right? Has God's arm been shortened? Can He not reach the "unwanted, starving, neglected, and diseased" (your words)? Isaiah 59:1 says [His] hand is not shortened that He cannot save, nor His ear dull that He can't hear.

ALL of the people we read of Jesus ministering to fall into one of the categories you seem to question as maybe being unreachable by God. Or maybe the thought is that since the people you spotlight are from the dredges of society, SOCIETY won't save them. Thank God, we don't have to be born to caring and loving parents to impress God and be saved, as it seems to be implied here.

December 28 2019 Report

Data Danny Hickman

This reminds me of an answer provided to a question that accused God of not being as loving and kind as is supposed because of His telling Istarl to annihilate villages, women, children, babies, everybody. The person trying to be a witness in defense of God said that maybe God was sparing the children from growing up in a heathen nation and being sentenced to hell for eternity.

According to the bible I study, you can grow up in the house of the Pharaoh of Egypt, a nation that believed in a plethora of gods but not Jehovah, and still be on track to be the closest man to Jehovah we've ever heard of.

It's God's plan that matters, not the pregnant mothers or the people living in what is deemed to be heathen nations.
Saying that God gives instructions to kill the children and babies in a war theater to keep them from growing up and ending up in hell is as empty of spiritual logic as saying aborting babies is a good way to ensure eternal security.
There is another reason for all this. Those reasons are unbiblical.

December 28 2019 Report

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