What does it mean to train up a child in the way he should go?


Proverbs 22:6

ESV - 6 Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.

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Data Myrtle Linder

We need to know what GOD expects out of HIS people, there are ten commandments that are the basis to which we should live for GOD. We should teach to our children these things. Most any minister or Sunday School teacher will be only too glad to help you in the training for GOD your child. Study the WORD OF GOD, read it each day, if only a few verses and you won't be able. Another good bit of advice it to be willing to discus HIS WORD with a believer, we are supposed to help each other. This is what I and my husband did and I am truly happy with the way my children and grandchildren live.

We need to remember, that we cannot be perfect, we sill make mistakes. Don't allow that to discourage you, get up, brush yourself over and continue on with prayer several times a day and faith that GOD is listening, HE does listen to sinners, I know because HE listens to me! Prayer needs not to be along drawn out prayer, sometimes, "Lord, I am so confused, please come to my rescue , show me the way, and I'll do my best to follow!" It is all about the "Love Affair between you and GOD or me and GOD

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Mini Jim Skelton

Children "Learn what they live". Let them see you do it, don't just tell them. This teaches them also that Faith without works is dead.

September 25 2015 Report

Mini Ronald Dearmin

Our life is also an example. We need to depend on the LORD to train us at the same time. Solomon did not set an good example. Do not depend on the text, depend on the LORD. Solomon and Moses were human and sinners. Both fell short because of sin at the end. We need to keep our eyes on the LORD.

October 01 2015 Report

Mini Michael Harris

How come Christian parents, and more particularly Church Leaders and Evangelists who are parents (and even Grand-parents) do not preach and teach their very own children - including in their congregations - that it is not right and not good to carry-on-regardless being "meat eaters"? When they know from the scientifically proven facts and the Biblical truths that to not stop is so wrong and is so bad that they are in fact Sinning? Lord Bless, Michael.

November 20 2015 Report

Mini Tom Ford

I’m not sure what exactly it means and clearly others do not either, as we see many debates on this. Some have used this training scripture to follow radical forms of child abuse, others might justify their strict parenting to this, while some also might say it means to just teach your child. Psychology seems to say strict parenting causes rebellion. We can see that at times with the stigma around “pastors children”. Psychology also says being too lenient is problematic. Parents seem to struggle with the right balance when it comes to raising their kids, outside of scripture itself. Nowadays it’s difficult to parents and its difficult to be a child, particularly teenager. There seems to be social challenges that impact the process. There’s no one shoe fits all system, as environmental, generational and traditional patterns are often repeated when we parent. We define training up a child based on our experiences or current social norms. However there are many differing views on the parenting techniques, even when it comes to a simple decision of deciding as a parent how to sleep train a child, whether “cry it out” methods are effective or whether “rocking to sleep nurture” methods are best. Are we spoiling or are we too harsh? Where’s the balance? I think mixed views on training a child comes from social factors as well as environmental. For me personally when I’m not sure what’s best I look at the biblical greatest commandment and that is love. When we train or/and teach our children is it in love, even when we have to be strict. When we make mistakes how do we resolve? How do we grow as parents and how do we help our child grow? Do we set appropriate boundaries? It’s not easy that’s for sure! I suppose that’s why there’s millions of parenting books. At the end of the day we have to look at life as a process itself, we can do and try our best but our children will be themselves, make their own choices sooner or later.

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It is natural to want to bring up all our children alike, or train them the same way. They know their children will remain on the right path, because they have made the choice themselves. "Train your children to choose the right way".

October 29 2018 Report

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