What are Biblical grounds for divorce?


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Mini Melissa Alaniz

What if the husband is abusive and has denounced God twice in our home?

August 31 2014 Report

Mini Thomas Schrum

"Unequally yoked" might be a term for the relationship. Jesus speaks to un- faithfulness as a grounds for divorce and criticized an edict from Moses to allow other reasons. Paul writes in Corinthians and elsewhere what the true behaviors and attributes are for husbands & wives. Cannot speak for others, but I just don't picture Jesus saying stick it out and pray for better results. If counseling and other interventions or requests have been made...a time of separation may be needed before deciding further steps. Not long ago Focus on the Family retold the Prodigal Son story where we see the father welcoming the wayward son back but we often forget the father did not plead for the son to stay. It highlights consequences to all actions. You must do the same with a spouse who is unresponsive to your pleas. The Godly standard for marriage Jesus was referring to makes abusive marriages un-Godly...hope that helps.

September 01 2014 Report

Img 0360 Terry Gillard

There is a world of difference between separating - even divorcing for some perceived necessary reason, and re-marrying: That is a different question entirely.

December 02 2014 Report

Mini Thomas Schrum

Moses gave men an open door to craft a document for divorce. Some of which is listed in Leviticus. But Jesus in Matthew 19 comments to that when religious leaders question Him. Basically Jesus says only for sexual impurity or in essence, unfaithfulness, will divorce be allowed. Society has moved far beyond that.....tkschrum

December 05 2014 Report

1398498716 Alice Yornas

What if the man is unrepentant and has gone ahead to marry a second wife? How can one forgive in such circumstances?

December 04 2015 Report

Mini Thomas Schrum

Alice, Jesus in Matthew 6:15 stresses if we cannot forgive others of their sin, your Father will not forgive your sins. Of course He goes on to mention forgiveness many times including a response to Peter that forgiveness is 7 times 70. As a pastor and counselor your plight is (unfortunately) not a rare today. My prayer is that you can find a way to do this. I hate to sound corny but in the words of Don Henley (of the band Eagles)..."I'm trying to get down to the heart of the matter but my will gets weak and my thoughts start to scatter but I think it's about forgiveness, forgiveness, even if you don't love me anymore." It is, you know, the only way, to move on, ask the Lord for strength and courage.......PK

December 05 2015 Report

Img 0360 Terry Gillard

Worth noting that forgiveness requires repentance.

If someone is unrepentant, and so will not accept forgiveness, then the fault must stand.

When the Son of God said, "Do not hold this sin against them" from the cross, I believe, there was something so much deeper, - a moment of glorious, wonderful grace, - in play.

December 07 2015 Report

My picture Jack Gutknecht

I believe in "0" grounds for divorce. My wife and I have been married for 34 happy years, too!

December 28 2019 Report

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