Should Christian women wear make-up or jewelry?


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Mini Laura Gains

As a woman I have long been confused about this. People seem to make a distinction between makeup, grooming, jewelry and style on one hand as being positive things, while inadequate covering of the body is of course immodest. My question is why do we not seem to realize or acknowledge that even a modestly dressed woman wearing makeup and fine things very often causes temptation in men?

December 13 2013 Report

Me Lynda Hickman

Some men would be temped by a woman dressed in a gunny sack!
And I have heard it said that some men are so intrigued by women of Eastern culture who are totally covered that they find it a real temptation.
I think there is no account for the lusts that draw some into sin.

February 19 2015 Report

Mini Kathleen Froode

Evangelist Kathleen Froode

When God came into the world we have his grace. We are not all Jewish so if we do everything good in moderation God loves us and we can still be saved.

April 17 2020 Report

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