Were Adam and Eve saved?


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Was Adam Saved?

The Old Testament or the Books of Moses (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy) and all the prophets, lay out how God preserved his line of ownership and Kingdom Authority through the blood line of Adam and Eve.

The first heir, was of course Abel, and his brother Cain. Cain killed Abel (the first murder/ murderer). Cain, was of course banished and a mark was placed upon him. What that mark was, the bible doesn't say, only that when people saw him they would know that this was the murderer Cain, son of Adam and Eve that was banished.

Now, I state all this because, to wonder if the the First man Adam and the first woman Eve may not have been saved, would have been the end of the blood line of God. Jesus would never be born, no kings would have served God, and likely some 1000 years later Noah would not have been a "righteous man." For when Adam and Eve sinned they relinquished their authority and rights to control the earth and all the inhabitants, including the animals, birds, fish and every creeping thing that had "life" in them. See Genesis1:26 dominion over.. and they gave it to Satan. the whole drama of the bible is about the redemption of Gods people. (See page 2)

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