Is there any truth to The Da Vinci code?


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Shea S. Michael Houdmann Supporter Got Questions Ministries
Is there truth to Dan Brown's bestseller The Da Vinci Code? It is important to remember that The Da Vinci Code is entirely fictional. As much as author Dan Brown would like us to believe, The Da Vi...

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Image Mike Joshua Sinner saved by grace to serve and witness wherever I can
"Satan comes as an angel of light"

One of the most powerful weapons in the devils arsenal is convincing people that Christ was not God, did not defeat death, and is not currently sitting at the right hand of the Father pending His triumphant return to judge the quick and the dead. 

Any literature, movie, tale, story, idea or otherwise which takes away from Him in all His glory is an abomination. Dan Brown wrote a good novel, and it's an entertaining read - but that's all. It is an unfortunate side effect that people choose to believe the lie within the pages of the da Vinci code rather than the truth within the pages of the bible. 2 Corinthians 10 v 5 “We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.” As Christs followers we need to be aware that Satan is everywhere preying on our fellow men and women who don't know Him as Saviour. 

Satan paints Himself as an attractive alternative to the truth of Christ because people who read the da Vinci code and believe it as true gain comfort from the fact the gospel can only be a lie if the da Vinci code is factual. It is this comfort in sin, and scurrying around in darkness which will ultimately lead these unfortunate souls to hell and as Christians we should be telling them the truth. 

Our Christian children are plied with these fabrications and novels in school as their friends discuss them and poke fun and jeer at the bible. If we choose to retain a stiff upper lip and say "I'm not watching that rubbish" we are unequipped to field questions on it coherently and fully. If we can't field questions and explain why it's wrong, you can be sure that the secular conversations they hear every day will continue to eat at their faith and it'll go on right below our noses. In short - if you don't deal with it and keep them right, you can be sure someone else will lead them wrong. The stiff upper lip of "that won't happen to my children" is just about ensuring that it will. 

In work in church and the discussions we have sometimes with our older youth it is frightening how fast social media erodes the very fabric of society at a young age with undesirable ideas and notions. It is in their phones and tablets in email, text messages, Facebook etc and when you can't see it you think it's all ok when it's sometimes shocking and horrific how nasty they can be to each other. 

My wife and I try to understand what our kids face in school and society so we can try to keep them safe, the da Vinci code may only be a movie but in painting Christ as only a man it violates the very core of the gospel and it's wrong. Tolerating it or refusing to acknowledge its existence will align you with the way of the world and whilst we are here in the world, we are not of it; my home is in heaven - I'm just counting the days till I get there.

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Data Steven Best Former mil intel analyst, chiropractor & Bible Teacher
First, Christ was crucified, Mary was his mother and Mary Magdalene was a convert/disciple of Jesus. So, of course there are elements of truth in the Da Vinci Code. Yet, it doesn't take a theologian to recognize he is presenting a different gospel with no death and no resurrection, which negates the power of the blood of Jesus Christ and his role as the sacrificial lamb. These are simply the time-worn narratives of the Gnostics, whose teachings have been rejected since the apostles and earliest church fathers (see "Against Heresies," by Iraneus & "History of Christianity," by Eusebius). They can be traced across cultures, from the time of Manachi and his Manichaean followers down to us today. On biblical grounds, they should be rejected by all Christians (I Tim 1:3-4, II Tim 3:16; Titus 1:9-10) as Scripture clearly shows that Jesus did not marry Mary Magdalene and did not bear children. Neither did he survive the crucifixion, as he died, was buried, and arose on the third day exactly as he and his prophets had predicted (I Cor 15:3-9, 12-19). 

Second, the architectural constructs of the Masons, Rosicrucians, Templars, artisans such as da Vinci, and other "illuminated" initiates of secret societies and their guilds, have, indeed, been hiding narratives in their buildings and paintings for hundreds of years. This has been confirmed by many former members and investigative Christians, such as Dr. Gary Allen, who have studied their "sacred" texts and symbology to discover exactly what "secrets" they expound in their literature, and "hide in plain sight." Those studies suggest the ruling families of the Western world hold to Gnostic & OT teachings to justify their rights to rule the world, while the upper echelons of various secret societies and religious groups build support "under the radar." 

The Merovingian, Carolingian, Tudor, Norman, Irish, Scotch, Welsh & English royal bloodlines maintain rigorous genealogies, traced through European and Judean kings, including King David. They then rest their "divine right to rule" upon I Sam 7:16; I Kings 2:4, 9:5 & Jer 33:17. Some royals also claim divinity and ascendancy from the actual bloodline of Jesus Christ (termed “Rex Deus,” symbol: the rose). This is as descendants of Jesus' brothers: Jude or James, or directly through Jesus and Mary Magdalene – all substantiated through exhaustive genealogies, despite the NT's warnings against it (Tit 3:9; I Tim 1:4; II Tim 2:23). For centuries they fought for supremacy, but today most are interbred and united around the Habsburg Dynasty. Most apparently serve the serpent, or dragon, whose images literally cover their buildings and banners. 

There are other prominent bloodlines in these dynasties, such as Roman Caesars and Egyptian Dragon Queens, which includes the bloodlines of Ishmael & Esau, progenitors of the Edomites and Amalekites, sworn enemies of Israel and Judah. It is these lines from which the Gnostic traditions arose, and it is Gnostic false Gospel texts that are now brandished around universities and television as being older and more accurate than our oldest Bible manuscripts. Paul's character and epistles are mocked and the veracity of Scripture denigrated. Meanwhile, “The Da Vinci Code,” confuses the truth with error, while providing just enough historical facts to confuse the unwary.

Rex Deus has been revealed and made further popular in books like “The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail,” “Daughter of God,” “The Da Vinci Legacy” and “The Illuminati Bloodlines,” not to mention dozens of Internet articles and documentaries; but da Vinci’s Code is nothing more than a rewrite of Scripture and history aimed at promoting the Gnostic message, and eroding core Christian beliefs. That these societies have secretly maintained and sheltered such beliefs should not alter our faith. We must stand on the words our Christian forefathers have trusted in for two millennia and not be moved (II Tim 3:16; 2 Pet 1:20-21; Rev 22:18).

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