How will I know when I have found the perfect spouse for me?


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Shea S. Michael Houdmann Supporter Got Questions Ministries
The Bible does not address how to find the "perfect spouse," nor does it get as specific as we might like on the matter of finding the right marriage partner. The one thing God's Word does explicit...

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Doktor D W Supporter
Place your faith, hope and trust in Him. He'll let you know. If you keep asking the same question, you are the one trying to figure it out.

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Data Danny Hickman Supporter Believer in The Gospel Of Jesus Christ
In my opinion, you won't know when you find the "perfect" spouse because you won't find the perfect spouse for yourself; no person is "perfect." 

You can search for "perfect" when you go car shopping or house hunting. You want to make sure the car has plenty of leg room and corners well, that sort of thing. When buying a house you make sure you have plenty of closet space and the kitchen is large enough and all. And after all that scrutiny, after you close the deal, you'll discover something you wish was different. 

If you look for a husband or wife with a check list you'll come across as if you're trying to hire the perfect lawyer or contractor. And God help you if your marriage is like the deal you get with a lawyer or a contractor. 

The story of Jacob and Rachel in Genesis 29 might help you to see how true love can happen and happiness can still hide itself. Jacob wasn't looking for a wife when he left home to hide out for a while at his uncle's place, laying low until his brother's anger decreased, but he found the love of his life, Rachel, upon arrival. He was smitten. 

When you read the story you get the feeling that God is mixed up in this somewhere, when you remember the way God appeared to him at Bethel a few nights before his arrival in the east, and the things that God said to him. He told Jacob He would be with him wherever he went (Gen 28:15), and that he would have an enormous family of descendants. 

After being flimflammed by his uncle and mistakenly marrying Rachel's sister Leah, whom he didn't love, he agrees to an additional seven years of labor for his uncle, for Rachel's hand in marriage, a total of fourteen years. The Bible says the additional years seemed to him to be only a few days(vs 20). He's stricken! After marrying Rachel he learns that Rachel is barren (Gen 29:31). 

God kept his promise and gave Jacob twelve sons and a daughter but the particulars are less than supreme. Rachel only bore him two sons of the twelve, but she bore him Joseph, his favorite. He loved Rachel so he made it work, but his home life was not without defect, nobody's is or ever will be. There are plenty of animals at the zoo, but don't go there to find a good pet, the animals are wild. 

My suggestion is: marry the person you fall in love with, not someone who passes an evaluation. Marry someone you want to show your love for, not someone you want to be loved by.

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