Is the phrase "God helps those who help themselves" in the Bible?


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Mini Brian Ansell

If a person does not help themselves, why should anyone else help them? If we could get help by dong nothing why not just do nothing and wait for help?.

August 23 2016 Report

Data Noreen Noble

Yes, God helps those who help themselves. In other words we can say God loves those who help themselves. The bible makes us to understand that God is likely faster to bless as much as we're obedient, faithful and practice His word.

We do this by reading the bible daily, devotion to God, praying, giving alms, helping the physically challenged, helping the orphans and widows, showing genuine love.

Helping oneself with those Godly characteristics mentioned above, God may likely use one for even greater exploits. Remember as satan is roaring about for his Victims, so does our God look for His obedient children to extinguish satan on earth.

God would not come down on earth to help people by Himself he does used those at times whom are ready.

The Holy spirit might minister to sobody looking for job the place he is supposed to go and have a job. So long he refused to listen and ignore due to inactiveness this command he will suffer undeal,

The bible says from the work of our hand we shall be blessed. Means self effort is not alone to carry us through life, we need God help too,that make it easier for God and man.

stay blessed reading.

December 21 2016 Report

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