Are there such things as aliens or UFOs?


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Shea S. Michael Houdmann Supporter Got Questions Ministries
First, let's define "aliens" as "beings capable of making moral choices, having intellect, emotion, and a will." Next, a few scientific facts:1. Men have sent spacecraft to nearly every planet in o...

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Mini Aurel Gheorghe
Are there such things as aliens or UFOs? Probably not! Most likely that all UFO sightings are just optical illusions. We should keep in mind that the devil and his angels can create illusions to deceive and confuse us. However, according to the best estimates of astronomers, there are at least one hundred billion galaxies besides ours. Knowing that in addition to our solar system there are billions of other solar systems, it's hard to imagine that God did not populate any of these planets. And the Bible gives us some indications that we are not alone in God's vast Universe. 

In Luke 15, Jesus tells the parable of the lost sheep and lost coin. Some theologians believe that these two parables have dual application. Jesus is not only talking about Heaven's joy when one sinner returns to God, but the entire Universe's joy when the lost planet Earth returns to God. Jesus left the adoration of sinless angels and worlds to come to save His lost planet and its creatures made in His image. 

Also, the Bible talks of a meeting with the “Sons of God” (Job 1:6, 7). In Luke 3:38 we read the genealogy of Christ. Here Adam is the only one referred to as the "Son of God," unlike the other generations that came after him and that is because only Adam did not have an earthly father. Knowing that would make sense to believe that "the Son of God" from Job 1:6 are beings created by God with a domicile other than Earth. 

Lastly, in Nehemiah 9:6, the prophet talks about God's creating power and multiple heavens which indicates that there are some other un-fallen planets that are populated and probably are restricted from mingling with our sin-diseased planet.

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Data Steven Best Former mil intel analyst, chiropractor & Bible Teacher
When Jesus was born, a holy host appeared in the sky, singing! (Luke 2:13) Just exactly who are the holy host? Nothing in the Bible says they are all angels. God has other creatures in this vast universe, who serve him, just as there are evil ones who do not. The question was answered for me once and for all, when I and my best friend had a close encounter in 1968. The experience was so unpleasant that I did not speak to anyone about it for over 3 decades. 

My friend and I are not alone, and neither are we simply in the company of fools. At least 2 presidents are on open public record as testifying they saw UFOs/flying saucers (Carter & Reagan), as has a former governor of Arizona and probably half the residents of Phoenix or more (Google "Arizona lights, 1997"). In 1997, retired Army Col. Philip J Corso's explained in his book, "The Day After Roswell" (Simon and Schuster), the details of the Roswell crash, and exactly how he compartmentalized and covered up the incident from his office in the Pentagon. His book, on the NYT bestseller list for several weeks, included many photos of himself with Eisenhower, Truman and Lt Gen. Trudeau, whom he briefed regularly. The appendix included the original drawings of the crash and EBE bodies recovered, as well as most of the file notes. His reason for writing it, he said, was that Gen. Trudeau gave him the file before his death to terminal cancer and asked it be made public.

After this came a slew of astronauts, NASA, DOD, FAA and other government workers, hundreds of photos, and thousands of reliable witnesses. In 2001, 20 retired USAF, FAA and intelligence officers, testified at the Nat Press Club in Wash DC. Additionally, some 500 sworn affidavits, signed by active and retired government officers, were presented. These were prepared by legal counsel, since each knew they could go to jail for violating the national security act regarding "classified" information. Each declared they would testify what they knew, before the US Senate. Virtually nothing made the evening news, despite the fact, that many of these individuals were of high rank and carried the highest classifications of secrecy (i.e. above top secret). 

In 2001, Dr. Tom Van Flandern, former Chief of Research at the US Naval Observatory, provided a detailed analysis of JPL Mars photos, released by NASA. Dozens of images clearly pointed to present or past intelligent life on Mars, including a large number of pyramids, ground and rock etchings of a scorpion, moose, porpoise, boy in a Mayan headdress, etc. These could only be seen from an altitude of a mile high, much like the Nasca lines in Peru. There were also remains of Egyptian-like statues. Since Then, Capt. John Lear, holder of 5 aeronautical world speed records, gave his account of watching a saucer land and take off at a Nevada training base. Last year, Canada's former Sec. Of Defense, Paul T Hellyer, announced publicly that UFOs and EBEs were as real as the planes flying overhead every day, and there is a concerted government effort to cover it up. His book, "The Money Mafia," explains exactly why these things are kept from us.

Jesus warned us against spiritual wickedness in HIGH places (Eph 6:12), and there’s plenty of evidence our government has aligned themselves with them. Already our people go after strange flesh, just as Jesus warned (Lu 17:26). Let us never forget the battle is the Lord’s (II Chr 20:15), that we must call upon his name while he may be found (Is 55:6-7), and that he has called us to be a beacon of light in these dark days (I Pet 1:16, Mat 5:16).

WITNESSES: (II Cor 13:1, Mat 18:16)

Recommended Videos:
Fast Walkers
Dr. LA Marzulli’s “Watchers” series
The Disclosure Project

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Mini Kenneth Heck
In my opinion, the biblical basis for ufos and aliens is found in the ancient traditions that stars represent angels or the location of angels. In Rev. 1:9 the seven stars are the angels of the seven churches. In Rev 12:4 the dragon drew a third part of the stars down to the earth. These stars would be the devil's angels (Rev 12:9) which are the root cause of the reports of aliens and ufos during our last days.

Aliens and ufos do exist, but not in the way they would want us to believe. All or almost all so-called aliens have a basic hominid appearance (one head, two arms, two legs, etc.). This is a clue to their origin, since Satan is well known to manufacture counterfeit copies of the true originals. 

Why are they continuing to appear? As with the temptation of Adam and Eve, we are heading into another temptation for all the world (Rev 3:10). This time the temptation won't be to become as God, but to become as aliens, with their very high intelligence and psychic powers, and highly sophisticated technology. The temptation will result in the great apostasy and the appearance of the Antichrist (who may actually be an alien in human form). Those who succumb to this temptation will leave behind anything to do with God, religion, repentance of sin, or obeying God's commandments, and finally receive the mark of the beast. They may erroneously regard themselves as a new species, superior in every way to normal human beings.

It is true that as Man continues to destroy and degrade the earth, he does need higher technology in avoiding an unwanted descent back to the stone age, due to nuclear war or other catastrophes. The thing is, that surviving in a new stone age isn't possible, since there isn't enough left of the earth to support the whole human species even on a primitive basis. The future temptation promising advanced technology is the devil's illusory short-cut to human progress. But as Christians, we look forward only to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit to guide us through this future time and provide us with whatever we truly need.

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Open uri20160927 330 1enriub Paul Stewart
In regards to this topic I always like to look at whether the belief or discussion brings people closer to, or to a stronger or lesser belief/relationship with Jesus. UFO sightings never seem to point people toward Christ, which, in my opinion, means they are demonic in nature.

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My opinion is:
I had to read this article because to me God/Jesus and UFOs can not go together in the same sentence. I understand that there is so much information out there about UFOs. I look at the idea of UFOs the same way I look at the idea the big-bang and evolution. I check it against the Word of God and it does not pass the test. If I believe in UFOs I may as well accept the theory of evolution and Hopkins theory of time. 

If you think about it, when you look at an F111 it is very old technology, so imagine what our military has now that we haven't seen yet that is still SECRET. But if someone happened to see one of the current planes by surprise it will immediately be labeled as a UFO, which technically it is because it hasn't been identified and it will not be for the reasons of national security and technological advantage.

If God created more civilizations on other planets around the universe, then we are just an experiment of God. That is not the God I see in the bible, not the God I know. If He is hiding these things from us, then He is not the God the bible tells me He is. If He is not the God the bible tells me He is, then He is not God. 

It is easy to get into these topics and try to make them fit into the Bible when instead what I should do is put it under a test of fire. See, we need to take all these worldly ideas, apply the fire of the Word of God to them and you will see all the impurity of these ideas separate from the truth of the power of the Word of God. 

KJV Mark 16:15 “Go into all the WORLD and preach the gospel to every creature.” 
Mark 16:15 tells me there is one world, not a universe or galaxies.

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Final avatar Belinda LaBar
It is my opinion that since evil spirits morph into looking like past loved ones to deceive people believing they are the "souls" of lost loved ones or their ghosts. I believe that aliens and UFOs are demonic spirits. 

Elijah left Earth in a Chariot, and so I'm sure Satan has a counterfeit in that manner as he does for everything else. The same with Mermaids; it says in the Bible, although I can't recall the verse, that the angels that were cast out of heaven bred with creatures of the sea just like they bred with women on earth. It may also be the answer to the Sasquatch sightings if they bred with animals. Satan created things to mess up Gods creations but also to distract man away from the efforts and time of following God.

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