What does the Bible teach about the Trinity?


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Image Tega Edafiogho

I have heard fellow Christians use water to explain the trinity to people who argue that we believe in three Gods.

Person: If you believe in God the father, God the son and God the Holy-Spirit you believe in three Gods.

Christian: No I believe in one God.

Person: Please explain to me how you believe in three persons and one God.

Christian: how many water or waters do you believe in.

Person: one.

Christian: are you sure, not two or three?

Person: I'm very sure I believe in one water.

Christian: do you believe water is solid, liquid and gas?

Person: yes. Christian: then you believe in three waters and not one.

Person: no I believe in one water.

Christian: so do you believe water is 3 in 1 or 1 in three.

Person: water is neither 1 in 3 nor 3 in 1 it is just one amazing substance manifested in three different manifestations.

Christian: God is incomparably more amazing than water, just as you believe water is one so also I believe God is one.

Person: Wow nice explanation, just one more question if Jesus is God and he died for three days, does that mean God died for 3 days.

Christian: Well NO, YES and NO.

Person: what do you mean?

Christian: no because God is three persons and only one person of the the God head died. For instance if 3 people made up a class and one person died that wouldn't mean that the class died. The bible state how God the father raised up Christ by his spirit.

Yes because Christ was himself 100% God and not 33.333%.

No again because even though Christ died physically he was still alive spiritually and defeated satan, released people from hell and took the keys of hell and death. He died physically but was yet alive spiritually.

Person: your God is amazing I want to be a Christian.

Christian: Say this prayer after me Lord Jesus I accept your resurrection come into my live and be my savior

Person: Lord Jesus I accept your resurrection come into my live and be my savior.

Christian: Congratulations you're born-again. Person: wow.

February 20 2014 Report

Mini Hairy Animals

Great explanation! Helped a lot - thanks.

September 06 2014 Report

Mini Andrew Knight

How do you explain 1 John 5:7? And does not the original trinity doctrine say they are co-equal, co-eternal, and co-existent?

October 05 2014 Report

Image Tega Edafiogho

Bro Andrew please don't use 1 John 1:9 to prove trinity since it is not in 85% of Bible translation. John 14:28 and 1 John 15:28 makes us know that The father is greater than Jesus. I do agree that they are eternal as Revelation 1:11 and are 1 as in John10:30, one being, but not one person, even though my explanation is not perfect it goes a long way to help anyone understand.

October 06 2014 Report

June3 June Williams

I personally have given up trying to understand trinity and triune! I feel that the Holy Spirit will reveal it to me. I have gone back to my thinking as a child. Less stress. I understand to a point but when someone says to me, it's hard to explain, then I do not understand that! I just feel it shouldn't be so hard! And these are just my feelings. Please don't anyone take it personal. God Bless!

August 18 2015 Report

Data Edith St-Hilaire

When we read the Scripture in whole, we will begin to understand the Holy Trinity of one God in three persons, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

May all of you be blessed with the Spirit of truth and understanding.

March 25 2016 Report

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