Do Muslims call Allah 'Father'? How can we come to God as Father?


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Having been a muslim, I think I would still be well positioned to give a taking on this.

I do not remember any time I was ever told to call Allah father, all the time I was a muslim, in fact to say so would tantamount to blasphemy. The muslim perception of father is having sexual relations with some one and thereby have biological children, it is only in that sense that they believe one can be a father. That is where also the conflict about whether Jesus is the son of God or not emanates from. To say that Jesus is the Son of God, to a muslim, the perception is; God had to have sexual relations with Mary so they produced Jesus. By having such a belief, the argument is; God is too holy to have children who only according to the muslim faith come by having sexual relations with a man or woman.

The muslim belief is based on the earthly fact that most of what God created only reproduces by joining male and female cells. But the fact also is that there are some creatures that reproduce without necessarily having to have sexual relations, for example; banana plants, who will tell and show a female and a male banana plant, yet they go on to reproduce. God's ways are never our ways!! So for us to be children of God, or Jesus to be called the Son of God, never required God to must have had sexual relations in order to have us as His children

The Christian perception of Father on the other hand is much different from the one of the muslims; e.g. for us Christians, we do believe that God is our Father and Jesus is our elder brother by virtue of being our Creator, provider, protector, shepherd, etc. The LORD'S prayer in Matthew 6:9 begins with; "our Father............." To be a child of God is based on fulfilling His commands, it is based on obeying Him submitting to Him just like an earthly father would need respect from their child. 

The Fatherhood of God in this particular case is based on qualification, you only qualify to be a child of God, it is not based on any sort of biology, it is not discriminative in the sense of who you are, it is only discriminative in the sense of whether you have fulfilled the requirements of becoming a child of God, for example, I was a muslim and would never qualify to be a child of God because the religion in which I was never permitted me me to be so, and what I was doing; which was totally contrary to what God wanted me to do, would never have me to qualify. In the book of John 1:12-13, we become children of God by accepting and receiving Him.

In that sense therefore, the muslim perception of God/god being a Father/father does not qualify them to be referred to as children of God, they can only view themselves as slaves before Allah.

For us Christians, we qualify to be referred to as children of God because we accept Him (God) as the one who reigns over all, and basing on the responsibilities He has over us. Our Faith also allows us to view ourselves as children of God the most high (JEHOVAH ELYON). And He (God the Father) accepts and welcomes us as children, not born of flesh and blood, but born of spirit and water according to the holy scriptures.

God bless

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Shea S. Michael Houdmann Supporter Got Questions Ministries
Islam gives Allah 99 names, but not one of the names is Father. Jesus, however, called God Father and taught His disciples (meaning "followers") to pray to God as Father (Matthew 6:9). How can you ...

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