Does the Bible prophesy a one-world government and a one-world currency in the end times?


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Scan14 Michael Tinsley

I've read the Left Behind series at least 10 times and the authors, Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim Lahaye, provide good solutions to getting around taking the satanic mark and still surviving with supernatural help from God. They write about a one-world government _and currency throughout the series, and do it in a believable way.

I know its fiction, but the books are very good reads and biblically accurate (I checked the references in the books with my Bible) and I've heard or read no complaints from scholars.

In fact, there are some excellent Christian fiction books at most every library in America. Not only are they entertaining but they encourage you to pull out your Bible to check quotes and do some research.

All the Christian fiction books I've read are true to the Bible and point to the Lord Jesus Christ as our salvation and focus, with the indwelling Spirit to guide us.

Although I've read through the Bible using different teacher's plans, I seem to enjoy checking the accuracy of Christian fiction books against the Bible a little more, because it focuses me on just a couple of verses at a time and I get more out of them.

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