Is pleading the blood of Jesus biblical?


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Open uri20161222 30317 8n2ux1 Susan Causey

I just want to say to all contributors thank you for this revelation. I have used that phrase in my prayers, going by what everybody else says. If someone had come to me and asked me what did "Pleading the Blood of Jesus" mean, I would not have been able to tell them and I would not have had any scripture reference. Wow, I am so humbled and grateful for this answer. I and searching and seeking nothing but the truth of God's Word.

December 27 2013 Report

Mini Funmi Akindele

Something just dropped into my spirit, you know since we are people of power and authority through the blood of Jesus, instead of pleading the blood of Jesus which sounds good but unscriptural, when faced with a challenge why not decree God's word....for me I simply say I claim and declare my victory through the blood of Jesus Christ....Which is defintly scriptural...

March 09 2014 Report

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