Why do we pray before eating meals?


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1388814251 Michael Mitchell

My option is as follows, the other responses are spot on. Adding people have prayed over their food for blessing, but also to protect them from being poisoned or the food was unfit. I have on occasions when asked about praying. I would respond by saying that I've never been sick, ill, or poisoned by anything I've ever ate. God bless you

May 24 2014 Report

Mini Penny Doty

To me, I give thanks for the very breath we take, as this was the beginning of life as GOD breathed the air of life in us, we over look a lot of things, and take for granted they will always be here, and there are know words for the sacrifice Jesus took so we could have internal life. Dinner time is the one meal we all set down together and pray, I like to rotate on who says grace, but we can always add too this, this has taught my children to really think about what GOD has done for them. Blessing

January 14 2016 Report

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