How can I learn to trust that God is in control?


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Data Cristina Huebner

Mr.S. Michael Houdmann

You wrote, That God lets everything that happens is either caused or allowed by Him for His own perfect purposes.
Is this true? God allows bad things to happen???

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Data Danny Hickman

The answer to this question is really easy. The bible story begins with God being in control. He creates everything and everybody. The story doesn't change anywhere in the scriptures. God is shown to be the one who decides everything; who to use, to whom to give life and who to take out. Who to call into His service, who to reject. Nowhere in the scriptures does anyone else direct an event or an episode. He foretells and He makes it come to pass.

I think the best way to learn about all that I've proclaimed, or to refute my claims is to READ THE SCRIPTURES! If God isn't in control we can throw the bible away. If the bible doesn't show that God is controlling everything you're either reading the wrong bible or you're not understanding what you're reading.

The best way to learn ANYTHING about God is to read the bible... Don't perceive it to be a book of rules or instructions; read it for what it is; It's the story of God and His creation. The reason it doesn't penetrate for some of us is because we think of it as an instruction manual for living. A rule book of some kind.

In every story the hero is the one who doesn't die. The story is about that person. The bible story is about God (Jesus).

Every psalm (song) is sang to Him. Every prayer is made to Him. He is the way, the truth, the life. (John 14:6).
Do you want to know the way of a life of truth? His way, His truth, His life is right there in the scriptures.

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