What is the key to witnessing to Hindus?


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Shea S. Michael Houdmann Supporter Got Questions Ministries
The problem with witnessing to the Hindu is that he sees himself as a believer. While trying to witness to a Hindu, we must remember that we are involved in spiritual warfare that can only be won b...

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Mini alfred edgar
6th July 2017. Led Hindu nurse to the Lord. How? 

She told me I'm pregnant. Said to her, you're having a boy?" She replied, "yes." 

I said, "you are 4 1/2 months". 

She asked, "how did you know that?". 

I said, "my Lord told me". 

She said, "yes i am" 

I talked Jesus. She followed me and confessed with her mouth, apologizing for past sin, inviting Him both into her heart and to change her. And He did AMEN. 

PS I asked the Lord, "why is my head taking so long to heal, so I have to visit the district nurse so many times to change my dressing?"

He just smiles that smile that divides seas and brings men to their knees. That makes me feel a little foolish.

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Mini Sujeet Chaurasia
I was an Hindu for 26 years, and believe me, most of the Hindu gods are just a human thoughts nothing else. I know most of the Hindu god stories and in all the stories the gods are with ego they will fight among themselves.

In Hinduism, there are some gods who will ruin your life without any reason. Suppose if god A is angry with you and trying to destroy you, then simply start praying to another god who has defeated god A in some fight.

I have also read a complete Bhagwat Geeta. In all chapters of Bhagwat Geeta, Krishna is provoking Arjun to kill all his opponents, and he killed millions by listening to him.

Then I turned to Atheism, but curiosity led me to read the Quran and the Bible.

At last I came to conclusion:

Bhagwat Geeta: a human thought with no evidence to back it up, just a story.

Quran: An evil thought, no women can follow this book. 

Bible: God himself wrote this to my heart. No one can claim it as fake after reading it. I really feel Jesus was really there with me when I was reading it and he baptized me with his Holy Spirit.

Love you, Jesus.

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