What is the KJV Only movement? Is the King James Version the only Bible we should use?


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Stringio James Fehr

A good sermon is not taken out of scripture, a good sermon comes out of scripture. Every religion out there has taken stuff out of scripture to form their religion. I believe if we argue about which version to use, we forget about message that is in bible.

June 11 2016 Report

Mini Troy Davidson

Another comment for those who insist that only the KJV is an inerrant english version of scripture. The bias of the KJV translators is easily seen in their decision to transliterate the greek word "baptizo", which literally translates"to immerse or dip" in greek, to the word "baptize". The official stance of the church at the time of King James was to sprinkle as a form of "baptism". To insist that the original greek was in truth to immerse or dip would have been heresy, and heads might have rolled. So the translators intentionally lied in order to make the KJV match the official policy of the church.

May 13 2019 Report

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