What does the Bible say about uniformitarianism vs. catastrophism?


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Shea S. Michael Houdmann Supporter Got Questions Ministries
 Geologically speaking, uniformitarianism is the idea that geological processes (rates of erosion and uplift, etc.) are essentially the same today as they were in the unobservable past. We can, the...

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Mini ainsley chalmers Medical Research Scientist, devoted family man.
More and more geologists, many unbelievers, are becoming committed to catastrophic events when they see things like the mini grand canyon resulting in 1-2 days after Mt St Helen eruption in 1980 and islands forming off the coast of Hawaii and Iceland in our lifetimes, in fact before our eyes.

Uniformitarianism (ie the present is the key to the past) was introduced mid 19th century as a theory to explain how millions of years were needed for microbes to become man and for the geological layers to be formed. In other words this theory made a lie out of the genealogies in Genesis and Matthew that showed that the earth was created around 4000 BC. In short the Bible was a fairy story and could not be trusted. Unfortunately many Christian leaders at that time time fell for this lie giving into some, though not all of the dictates, eventually resulting in secularization of the education system including many of our theological colleges.

However the geological structures around the world today scream out that there was a worldwide flood that formed all the geological features that we see today. Also the fossil record of many millions of fossils indicate that a massive world wide flood had occurred.

Biological evolution from goo to you is an impossibility. In biology the engine of evolution, mutations plus natural selection, result in death not higher life forms. There is not one instance of spontaneous addition of DNA information to a lower life form to form a more complex one. And you need a thousand fold increase of information to go from microbes to man! Also the fossil record confirms that there are no intermediate life forms as one would expect from biological evolution.

In short, as Christians we mustn't give into the dictates of science which oppose the creation story. Science must be subservient to the word of God. Science changes over time but the word of God is unchangeable because it is absolute truth. Biblical truth will persist eternally even after our universe has been burnt up and destroyed.

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