What are some flaws in the theory of evolution?


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Mini Phyllis Davis

We must remember as we'll that evolution is just after all a THEORY!
Phyllis D

March 29 2014 Report

Francesco profile Francesco Scinico

The answers above have highlighted some of the problems with (biological) evolution.

There are, however, other big-picture questions we need to ask before we get to biological evolution:
- how did the physical and mathematical framework of the universe originate (the descriptively-called laws of physics)?
- How did the chemical elements and their inherent properties originate?

Without them the universe could not even have started.

- How did the digital genetic code, which supposedly makes biological evolution possible, originate?

Without it life could not have started or evolved.

February 03 2015 Report

Mini Paul Davis

I'm curious what the editors and readers of this blog think of Francis Collins, widely acclaimed genetic scientist and devout evangelical Christ follower who co-wrote the book "The Language of Faith and Science" and developed the website Biologos. Both the book and the site have been very helpful to me in getting a better understanding of the complexities of this longstanding discourse.

February 04 2015 Report

Final avatar Benita Randolph

I so appreciate everyone's great insight. What we know to be true is that the world will always try to minimize or outright deny the existence of God. Whenever I hear someone say that there is no God, I cannot help but to look at the different stages of pregnancy from conception to birth and allow my mind to wander to the beginning of time when the first man and woman was created. Only someone infinite, all powerful, supernatural could ever design complex, purpose filled individuals like ourselves.. thank you all for sharing..

February 04 2015 Report

Mini Robert Hall

Atheist evolutionists are searching for 'How and when'.
Christian creationists are content knowing 'Who and why'.

February 07 2015 Report

Mini James Kraft

Darkness is the absence of light. When God said He created the heavens and the earth, that is truth. If science does not agree with the bible then it is false. The absence of truth.

There can be no other absolute truth than what the bible says. We may not understand it all, and I don't claim to, but by faith I believe it all to be true. Just because I don't understand it does not make it not true. We are still finite, and God is infinite. All we have is His revealed truth. That is His word. If God says it, it is true. God cannot lie. God is still God. There can only be one God. Every thing in existance was created by God.

I cannot look at a tree without knowing that it was created. Since we are created in the image of God, we can also create, but we have to create out of something.

Satan tries to confuse us and comes as an angel of light. He only deceives us as he is truly darkness. All light and truth come from God.

December 01 2015 Report

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