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How should a Christian respond to illegal aliens/illegal immigrants?


Clarify Share Report Asked July 01 2013 Mini Anonymous (via GotQuestions)

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Stringio Joe cattani

Paul knew people are going to disagree about certain things. That's ok. The important thing he said (the chapter and verse escapes me, I apologize) is that we disagree in a kind and gentle way. That's what troubles me about this issue to see Christians with contempt and hatred coming out of their mouths.

September 05 2015 Report

Mini Shyla Hernandez

I totally agree. The question was put forth to get a biblical view and a lot of people are only talking politics. I knew the answer before I asked. There are many verses in the Bible that answer the question for Christians.

July 20 2017 Report

Data Danny Hickman

Joe cattani, "christians" with contempt and hatred might trouble me, but I'm not surprised by them. There are believers in the gospel of Jesus Christ and there are those who believe in "christianity."

Christianity teaches that Romans 13 is to be obeyed because it is biblical, regardless of the contextual meaning for it, and the people who see themselves as "christians" often accept it. The believers who trust in the Lord know that He doesn't teach us to obey governments to the hurt and harm of people.

When Paul told the believers in Rome to submit to authorities he was talking to people who were outnumbered by a cruel and harsh government, who would have been slaughtered if they didn't comply. His reasoning was that they were to wait on God, that God had allowed this government for a Godly purpose. He didn't mean that if they broke Roman law God would be displeased with no exceptions. He said it to them in a way that would encourage them to comply. He was trying to let them know that God knew the score and was still in charge. Preachers still tell people in distress the same thing now. It wasn't meant to be a dictum to quell rebellion or to condemn people for attempting to forge positive changes in the lives of the oppressed. Believers usually know that, SOME "christians" don't.

I believe the problem began when "believers" in the Lord accepted the prideful label "christian" that the enemies of the faith gave them. It was political then and still is to this day. ... JMO.

March 06 2018 Report

Stringio Donald Short

I am concerned that the United States, having the right to restrict "illegal" immigration, is disobeying a law that they signed on to when it comes to those seeking asylum. I have no issue with enforcing legal immigration but I am not for our nation going back on its word when it comes with dealing with issues affecting the entire world.

I pray that we recognize that making disciples of all nations begins and ends with the love we show towards those who need it the most.

America, who are the Samaritans in YOUR life when you consider Jesus' commandments to love your neighbor as yourself?

April 26 2019 Report

Closeup Jennifer Rothnie

Asylum seekers are not the same thing as illegal immigrants. Most illegal aliens in the U.S. come here legally, but then overstay their visa. And many people claiming to be asylum seekers are knowingly abusing the system, and are not refugees but rather economic migrants. Unfortunately, this abuse makes it nearly impossible for *actual* refugees and asylum seekers to get through. For example, most of the Syrian refugees we have settled aren't the ones at high risk of death, rape, and other persecution. One reason former President's acceleration of settling Syrian refugees was so controversial was because the majority of people being settled would have been welcomed in countries very close to where they were, and general resettlement practice worldwide is to try and keep refugees close to home. In their case, however, they were aiming for the U.S. because it was more prosperous. Nor were these people in immediate danger. Meanwhile, the 90% of refugees that were in danger and were unwelcome in neighboring countries due to their non-Islamic faiths were being *kept from the refugee camps* by the other refugees! So the neediest refugees were not even making it on that list.

Also, the Bible upholds the right of a man to guard his house against a thief. It upheld the right of Egypt to accept or reject refugee resettlement. Those wanting to settle in Israel also had to follow several rules which God gave to Israel for aliens wanting to stay.

April 26 2019 Report

Closeup Jennifer Rothnie

Personally, I would rather we go back to a more open-borders system and just make it easier to legally immigrate or visit, like it once was. "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to breath free!" But that isn't what we currently have. It's not a "lack of love" to discourage people staying illegally and to encourage they do so legally. The rapid rate of illegal immigration right now is clogging the system and making it far harder for true refugees to claim and get asylum in a timely manner.

April 26 2019 Report

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