Should Christians celebrate Christmas?


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Mini Juanita Crawford

Celebrating the birth of Christ is acknowledging that the son of God was born. I believe that celebrating Christmas should be for Christians a time to share with their family and friends the greatest gift they will ever know when God gave his son to the world as a gift. That means Santa Claus takes a back seat even though we should also teach them the history of what that is all about so they are not confused when their non-Christian friends talk about Santa Claus.

July 14 2014 Report

Mini Richatd Qualls

I don't know when Jesus was actually born, which doesn't matter too much. As long as we have set aside Dec 25, lets keep it that way. We would have to change so much. If you don't want to celebrate it then don't.

November 02 2015 Report

Data Michael Ballard

Why wasn't Christ birthday celebrated while he was walking on earth? Why didn't the Jews and other followers of the Church celebrate Christ birthday as Christmas? If this is Christ's birthday why isn't it a Holy Day given to us by GOD like the other Holy Days? The tradition of Christmas came from the pagan nation, there is no Biblical evidence of the celebration on December 25 as Jesus birth. There's plenty of evidence that this day is the birth of Nimrod.

November 28 2015 Report

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