Was Jesus black?


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Mini Regina Sanders

I think it is important to some people because for a very long time Jesus has been depicted as a Caucasian man. Many people of color have great difficulty realating to him because of how he has been depicted. I'm sure you can understand that?

December 03 2014 Report

Mini Laurie Johnson

The ONLY visual description of our LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST was in Revelations 1:14. John saw JESUS and described his hair as WHITE AS WOOL.
YES, this is a description of JESUS in his GLORY, but it is the only one we have that actually describes JESUS. Maybe his hair was white as wool while he was here on earth. WE just do not know.
I wonder what our LORD and SAVIOR thinks about a "MOVEMENT"
or a religion based on the color of SKIN alone.
I thought the GREAT COMMISION was to go to all the world and teach the SAVING GRACE of our LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST.

September 26 2018 Report

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