What is the Hebrew Roots movement?


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1388186924 Beatrice Picon

We all should realize how easy God is to understand his Love reflects everywhere and to everyone its opinion that cause confusion just let the one who is all knowing speak to you through his word He does have the right answers and the right path that leads to Him God bless and help us all stay focused on Him the Truth

January 30 2014 Report

Mini Larry Truelove

I disagree with Joseph Ben Hur. Going into one's prayer closet is what the text says. His interpretation contradicts the context that indicates going into a prayer closet is the opposite of showing oneself publicly to be in prayer. During the time the NT was happening, the Old Covenant was in transition--fading away. See Hebrews 8:13.

And Paul continued the OT traditions, not to enhance his Christianity but he did so in order to reach those Jews who had not yet believed. He DID eat with Gentiles.

August 06 2014 Report

Mini Elisabeth Woltman

There is also another matter that Joseph Ben Hurr which has caught attention.

While I agree that the Old Testament was written for the Jews, when Paul ate with the Gentiles, he also remembered that the ceremonial law was no longer to be observed.
We all remember the question Jesus asked regarding observing the Sabbath and it was so difficult for the ordinary Jews to observe it.

I personally don't think Paul would have been emphasizing the importance of having to cover one's head. He would probably be stressing the importance of personal relationships with Jesus as well as the time spent in private while praying and meditating, something that we still do in our times.

November 17 2014 Report

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