If God hates human sacrifice, how could Jesus' sacrifice be the payment for our sins?


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Final avatar Art Thibodeau

I still don't get it, why does death have to be it? Couldn't the almighty, God, just forgive? Why is pain, suffering, blood, so necessary?

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Closeup Jennifer Rothnie

Try thinking of it this way:

Would you find a world without justice a positive or a negative? If, say, you had the chance to forgive Hitller and absolve him of all his atrocities so he would never be punished, would you do it?

Or, if you were a juror in a court, would you vote not-guilty for a rapist or murderer?

If a friend borrowed $5,000 dollars from you but then refused to repay, would you just laugh and wave off the loss?

Would a society where all crime was forgiven be a pleasant place to live?

God is a just judge. He cannot let crime go unpunished. Fortunately, He is also a merciful judge, and views merciful justice as the highest form of justice. As such, He provided a way for all men to be pardoned of their crimes, should they choose to accept it. Jesus died and paid the penalty in our place.

Accepting His blood on our behalf then leads to life change. We no longer continue in our former life of sin and selfishness, but our hearts and minds are changed to follow God's law; to love God and to love each other.

September 22 2015 Report

Final avatar Art Thibodeau

Thank you Jennifer,
Your reply has given me something to ponder on. Very good point, I'm still struggling with this, need to give it some time. Thanks again,

September 23 2015 Report

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