What is the best way to study the Book of Revelation?

Im trying to study revelations and so far its been good. But I really could use some information on what tools or books i could use to study deep instead of just reading through it. My bible is a little out dated on it's notes and I'm hoping to get a new one for Christmas ( I hinted that to my husband lol) but for now i really could use some info on what to do. I do pretty good with studying any of the books with my bible but revelations can be a really hard one. Im also going to start reading Isaiah too because I know thats one of the books that tie into revelations.

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The following are good: Revelation: The John Walvoord Prophecy Commentaries
Edited By: Mark Hitchcock
By: John Walvoord
More in John Walvoord Commentary Series

Compare this and the Bible and Things to Come
By: J. Dwight Pentecost

John F. Walvoord and Dwight Pentecost were my seminary professors.

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