Is it possible to enter into the kingdom of God without water baptism?


Mark 16:16

ESV - 16 Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned.

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Seth3 Seth Freeman
Yes, the thief on the cross did. Ephesians 2 tells us that we are saved by grace, through faith, and not by works. When we accept the atoning work of Christ on the cross we are forgiven of our sins: past, present, and future. We are given the Holy Spirit as a guide. We are righteous because Christ is our righteousness.

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Stringio Andrea Spirit www.firstlove4jesus.org
I do believe in water baptism. I myself was baptized when Jesus saved me. But what about those who got saved but died before receiving their baptism? Did they go to heaven? Of course they did. As long as the received Jesus Christ in their hearts as their Savior, I believe they made it in.

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Mini Rodney Brown
Was the thief crucified alongside our Lord water baptised on that day when he promised him, "this day you shall be with me in paradise"?
I think you know the answer to that, and therefore you should now know the essence of regenerative baptism.
We're not saved by water or works obedience, but by the baptism of fire or holy spirit, that's what he received on that day.

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Stringio Vincent Mercado Supporter Skeptic turned believer, Catholic, father of 3
YES. A person can go into heaven without baptism.

The requirement to get into heaven is RIGHTEOUSNESS.
When a person dies, he is judged by Jesus. He might say to you, "Come, take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world. For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me." Be glad.

c.f. Parable of the Sheep and the Goats. Matthew 25.

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Mini James Bryant
Read the bible with Spirtual eyes and stop being so carnal minded. Jews require a sign, Christians do not. Baptism is to be placed into something. If you're not SPIRTUALLY placed into the body of Christ then you need to be. You can be placed into water until you drown and it won't change one thing SPIRITUALLY. Christians need to practice Christianity and not Judaism.

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Mini Bob Reese Bob. Sometimes failing to apply the truth in action.
I have found, and been taught, to reference His words and pray for direction and guidance when struggling or wrestling to find peace in answering many questions about receiving salvation and eternal life. I have found Romans 10 verses 8, 9, and 10 to answer the question of requiring a water baptism for eternal life and salvation from my incessant sinning. Verses 10: "For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you profess your faith and are saved." For me, My water baptism was an outward proclamation...Matt 3:.. (John) "with water unto repentance "...[Jesus] he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost, and [with] fire:

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Mini Anonymous
It is possible to enter in without being baptized. I always think of the theif on the cross. 

But as a blood-bought believer one should always be baptized as the first step of obedience after being saved. You are identifying outwardly with Christ.

Look at Acts 9:18. The first thing Paul did after receiving his sight was to be baptized. Even before eating after three days of fasting.

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Stringio Ugoezeh Gbaruko
I think the circumstances surrounding the believer at the point of death/ rapture matters here. If there is still time It is necessary the Believer is baptized  but like the thief  if no time remains like in event of an accident , death in the hospital, the believer may be accepted.

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Mini Ricardo Perry
If we understand that the death of Christ canceled out one covenant or will and  brought about a new covenant or will then we can see why the thief made it in. If I wrote a will while my children were young and then wrote a new will when they got old, once I died they would not be able to enforce both wills for the newer one would cancel out the old. The COMMAND to be baptized was given after the resurrection of Christ, when the new will was in effect. 

Mark 16:16 he who believes and is baptized shall be saved, he who does not believe shall be condemned. 

Looking at the scripture, what do I have to do to be condemned? Not believe. What do I have to do to be saved? Believe and be baptized! 

There is no misinterpreting that. Jesus, when giving the great commission in Matthews 28:18,19 specifically commanded the disciples to go, preach, and baptize. Then he said to teach us all that they were instructed. Well, did they do what Christ command?

Acts 2:38- 3,000 men ask Peter and the other apostles, what must we do? Peter, who received his instructions from Christ specifically told all these people, to repent and be baptized, why, for the remission of sin.

Romans 6:3 Paul inspired by God, tells the church of Rome that it was through baptism that they became one with Christ or placed into Christ. There is no disputing that.

One last thought, if you take into account every example of conversion in the book of Acts, you will find that some show belief as a requirement, some show repentance as a requirement, some show confession as a requirement, but ALL examples of conversions shows baptism, look it up, it's there. 

Now the question is, have you obeyed the gospel according to the scriptures or the gospel according to man?

When you preach the gospel do you preach it as according to the scripture or according to what you were raised or taught to believe.?

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Mini Tim Beeker
One is baptised through the washing of the water of the Word, rather than being dunked in some water.  It is the integration of the Word into one's life that overwhelms them (makes them completely wet) and cleanses them. Water baptism is simply a symbol, representing the believer's union with that Word. It is not absolutely needed, but should be accomplished if the chance comes around. To think that one MUST be baptised in water is going down a legalist road. It should be a willing effort on the part of the believer, brought about through obedience from love (Dt. 30:20), rather than the believer being forced to do something.

YeHoshua was baptised in fulfillment of being set apart as a priest. At the age of 30, His ministry was started, just as the Levitical priests would be. (Numbers 4) Yochanon already recognized the strength of the Messiah, prior to His baptism, so baptism didn't impart any new special "powers." It was simply a public statement, recognizing the path He was taking.

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Mini Pam Johnson
Baptism is an outward sign to other believers (and the world I guess) that you are making an open profession of your faith and to the best of your ability will try to live that faith. Baptism is NOT a prerequisite for being saved (thief on the cross), but if you have the opportunity to do so I think it is biblically expected for you to do so. This is what is taught that you believe and are baptized.....Jesus did it and he is our role model.

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Mini Daniel Rinker
According to Mark 16:16, "he who believes and is baptized will be saved, but he who does not believe will be condemned" (my paraphrase).  Notice that the verse DOES NOT connect _not_ being baptized with condemnation, just not believing.

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Mini Ray Harris
if we follow Paul, we avoid MUCH confusion...

Romans 10:9 9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

Romans 10:13 For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

everything else is manifested by the Spirit that takes up residence in you. 

Paul's Gospel is what we are to follow in this time. Romans thru Philemon has got EVERYTHING you need.

knowing your dispensation  will eliminate ALL confusion in study of the Scriptures. ALL of Scripture is for our edification, NOT ALL of it is written to you.

in short, it's ok to "look at other people's mail"...just don't assume it's written to YOU !

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Mini Rom Harper
There are ten types of Baptism mentioned in the Bible and Christians zoom in on water baptism. Mark 1:4, Mark 10:38, Acts 11:16,1 Co 10:2 etc. etc.
It is a work,something you do. We are not under works, Gal 3:10, our salvation is based on what Christ did for us Eph1:7. Our Baptism is in Him.
Christianity is so confused because they don't separate what was necessary at that time for Israel and where 'The Church which is His Body' Eph 1:22-23 is placed under grace today.

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1329709955 Jeff Watret
I think it to say that one part of the Christian walk or another is the keystone to achieving the greatest goal of the Christian life is quite divisive.  I think that if an honest read of the Bible is taken, one will find that it requires many aspects to gain Heaven.  To raise one of these up above another is really short-changing the entire Christian experience.  Christ is our example.  If he was baptized (batpizo-greek, immerse), why then shouldn't we?  
I understand there are special circumstances, i.e. the thief on the cross.  I believe Jesus had the power to save anyone at any time in any way He wanted or wants today if the need is there.  To hold that one incident up as an example of NOT needing to be immersed in water is really rather naïve.  That was a VERY special circumstance.
So to answer the question: Yes and no.  Immersion baptism is definitely part of the Christian experience and needs to be a part of a Christian's walk.  I'm also not willing to tell anybody what God is going to do or not do.  Christ's example on the cross with the thief is an appropriate example of that.  My bottom line is this:  If Jesus Christ was immersed (baptized), then I think that we should be also.  We should also be on the path of righteousness, repentance, striving to love our neighbor and many other facets in the path to being a Christian and achieving the greatest goal: Heaven.

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B8c746f3 63c7 43eb 9665 ef7fba8e191b Kelli Trujillo Supporter Loving Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Teacher, Musician
I have always been taught that as our ultimate example, Jesus was baptized by John to set an example for us to follow. This was considered a type of "commissioning" for Jesus, and right after His baptism he began His formal public ministry. Matthew 3:13-15 says,

"13 Then Jesus came from Galilee to the Jordan to be baptized by John. But John tried to deter him, saying, “I need to be baptized by you, and do you come to me?”

"15 Jesus replied, “Let it be so now; it is proper for us to do this to fulfill all righteousness.” Then John consented."

Under the Old Covenant, the only way to "fulfill righteousness" was to have the designated priest make sacrifices for the sins of the people. Jesus was the first to set this new standard for righteousness in the New Covenant, which was to commit to putting our "old man" to death in Christ and to embrace our new identity as people that are growing in relationship with Jesus under the instruction of the Holy Spirit. 

Baptism is a symbol of that process; the old man goes under the water, signifying that he is being put to death, and the new man comes up out of the water, ready to embrace a new life in Christ.

To undergo baptism is a matter of obedience to Jesus. He set the example for us, intending us to imitate Him. However, baptism is not the qualifying factor for salvation. Acts 2:21 says,

"And everyone who calls on the name of The Lord will be saved." There are many parallel verses to this one, as well. "Call" in the original Greek means:

1) to put a name upon, to surname
>a) to permit one's self to be surnamed
2) to be named after someone
3) to call something to one
>a) to cry out upon or against one
>b) to charge something to one as a crime or reproach
>c) to summon one on any charge, prosecute one for a crime
>d) to blame one for, accuse one of
4) to invoke
>a) to call upon for one's self, in one's behalf
>>1) any one as a helper
>>2) as my witness
>>3) as my judge
>>4) to appeal unto
5) to call upon by pronouncing the name of Jehovah
>a) an expression finding its explanation in the fact that prayers addressed to >God ordinarily began with an invocation of the divine name

Note in particular number 4. I hope this helps.

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20210120 215325 Jamani Warren A slave of The Lord Jesus Christ
I do believe that being baptized is an act of obedience. As previously stated, if given the opportunity, A genuine believer is required to carry out this ordinance. I do not believe that water baptism is a requirement to make it into the gates, Eph 2:8-9, For ye are saved by grace...not of works. If you read Acts chapter 8 verses 9 and forward, Simon was baptized and was never truly converted. He simply carried out a Holy ordinance because he knew it would make everyone believe that he was sincere about being a follower of our Lord, but it was proven that he was not true when Peter cursed at him in the original Greek language. This is a true indication that even thought one is baptized, it doesn't prove anything.

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Mini Teresa alene King
Baptism is an act of obedience.  The thief on the cross had now chance to perform that act.  This is not my opinion, it's a Biblical fact.  Matthew 3:14-17; Luke 23:39-43

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Mini Anonymous
Yes you have to be baptized in order to get to Heaven. Baptism isn't just getting wet. Romans 6:3, or are ye ignorant that we who were baptized into Christ Jesus were baptized into his death? (6:4) We were buried therefore with him through baptism unto death:that like as Christ was raised from the dead through the Glory of the Father, so we might walk in newness of life. (6:5) For if we have become untied with him in the likeness of his death, we shall be also in the likeness of his resurrection; (6:6) knowing this, that our old man was crucified with him, that the body of sin might be done away, so that we should no longer be in bondage to sin.

As for the thief on the cross....Jesus had not died yet....they were still under the old law....no need for baptism. 

Think upon this....if Satan, the great deceiver could make you believe one thing....just twist the word, ever so slightly....it would be baptism topic.  Think of all the believers out there Satan has deceived by sneaking that you don't have to be baptized. Yes, please! Get baptized into His death!! If you aren't in, you are out! And baptism for the remission of sin! If it weren't so, there wouldn't be several scriptures in the New Testament of it!

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Mini Anonymous
In Matthew 3:15, regarding His baptism with water, The Lord told John, "Permit it at this time; for in this way it is fitting for us to fulfill all righteousness."  Interestingly enough, the Scripture reveals that after the baptism, the Spirit of God descended upon Him as a dove.  Do not be decieved, it is not one or the other baptisms that result in our death and resurrection/rebirth (Spiritually), it is both.  In John chapter 3, The Lord is conversing with a man named Nicodemus, who was a ruler of the Jews.  The Lord lets him know that unless, one is born again, he cannot enter the Kingdom of God.  So, how can one be born again?  Nicodemus had the same question.  In verse 5 of the chapter, The Lord tells him, "Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born of water and the Spirit he cannot enter into the Kingdom of  God."   For us to be completely born again, there are things we have to do.  In Acts 2:38 it is recorded of Peter telling the audience on the day of Pentecost in regards to their question, "Brethren, what shall we do", "Repent, and each of you be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ (meaning-in the authority of Jesus The Christ) for the forgiveness of sins; and you will recieve the gift of the Holy Spirit."  So, in at least these three examples I have shown you (and there are more) water baptism happens, and then Spiritual baptism followed.  For a baby to born, there is usually two things that happen.  Conception and then the birth, and thus a baby has been born.  The Lord teaches two things must happen for us to born again and then be able to enter the Kingdom of God: water baptism and Spiritual baptism.  He is our Leader(Mattthew 23:10).  Our belief is as interest, our faith and confession is as our determination (intent), water baptism is like our conception, and then there is the birth (baptism of the Spirit), rendering one who has been born again.  How great a love the Father has given us, that we would be called children of God (I John 3:1).   Now, with God all things are possible.  He can save whoever He wants by whatever means He wants, and I will never question that.  Oh and the thief on the cross...a recurring topic.  How many of us would like to be saved like the thief on the cross?  With nails in us, gasping for air.  I am aware what The Lord told HIm.  He has that authority, it was given to Him.  But, here's something to think about as well regarding the disperstion  of the Holy Spirit to all us.  The Lord taught that is was to our advantage that He goes away, for if He doesn't go away, the Helper (Spirit) will not come to you (John 16:7).  Likewise it wasn't until He went away that anyone was baptized with fire (The Holy Spririt)-Acts 1:4-5.  The question is, is it possible to go to Heaven without to go to Heaven without water baptism...and I tell you that with God all things are possible.  But our King did much as examples for us, and we would be foolish not to give attention to them.  He didn't have to wash the disciples feet, but He did it and then told them, "For I gave you an example that you should do as I did to you.  Truly, truly, I say to you, a slave is not greater than his master, nor is one who is sent greater than the one who sent him." (John 13:15-16) Now, did He not send others commanding them to teach others to observe all He has commanded?  (Matthew 28:18-20) God can save anyway He desires, but it is His way, and not ours.  Now if by grace, we fail to execute God's will, and are still saved, so be it.  But that will be His decision and not ours. He will have mercy on He chooses to have mercy and compassion on whom He chooses to have compassion.  If you believe with all your heart, why would you not want to be identified with Him in the likeness of death and then also in the glory of His resurrection? (Romans 6:1-5)  I should ask you, if you have access to water what hinders you from doing the same as your Leader, that should be The Christ?   The Ethiopian told Philip after he believed the Gospel, "Look! Water! What prevents me from being baptized?" (Acts 8:36)  All things are possible with God; and He knows the motives of everyone.  If you are just refusing...well why?  Why quench the Spirit.  If you truly can't, God will know and understand why.  But it would be good for you to figure what hinders you from doing so.

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Mini Paul Jass
Take a look at the definition of the term "baptism":
In addition to being sanctified, it is being initiated.  Water is simply one form of baptism.

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Mycontactpic Michael Sisson
Yes (Lk 23:43), just as it's possible to be married while refusing to wear a wedding ring. However, you'll understand why, in both cases, your true level of commitment will be called into question.

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Mini Anonymous
Corresponding to that, baptism now saves you-not the removal of dirt from the flesh, but an appeal to God for a good conscience-through the resurrection of Jesus Christ, (1 Peter 3:21 NASB). 

It's not so much about what you do, but why you do it.  The ark wasn't what saved the eight at the time of the flood, God saved them. But Noah still built it as instructed.  He (Noah) didn't say God can save me, without it.  He knew that wood couldn't rescue Him from God's destruction of the world. There are people who might just get wet, but there are also those who make an appeal to God for a good conscience, so they might receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, and there some who do nothing or just make up their own way to appeal.  

It's not the water that saves, but what makes the water important.  The same way as it's not the gold on the temple, but the temple that sanctifies the gold.  Nor is the alter as important as the offering.  Yet, both were used.

You fools and blind men! Which is more important, the gold or the temple that sanctified the gold? And, 'Whoever swears by the altar, that is nothing, but whoever swears by the offering on it, he is obligated.' You blind men, which is more important, the offering, or the altar that sanctifies the offering? (Matthew 23:17-19)

The Ethiopian made this appeal (of a good conscience towards God) in Acts chapter 8, the jailer and his household made this appeal in Acts chapter 16, Paul himself made this appeal after The Lord appeared to him,  Acts chapter 9, close to 3000 made this appeal in Acts chapter 2, and although He didn't have to The Lord was baptized...to fulfill all righteousness. 

Motive is as important if not more important than what we actually do.  But in order for motive to even be discussed, something still has to be done.  

There are plenty of examples were people were instructed to be baptized as part of their appeal of a good conscience toward God and their rebirth as a child of God, but there is only one example in the Scriptures that I know of in which Someone was spoken to as though His baptism wasn't necessary and that was when John was talking to The Lord. What appeal did He have to make?  Did the Father not know the Son?  He did it to fulfill all righteousness.  

 Then Jesus arrived from Galilee at the Jordan coming to John, to be baptized by him. But John tried to prevent Him, saying, "I have need to be baptized by You, and do You come to me?" But Jesus answering said to him, "Permit it at this time; for in this way it is fitting for us to fulfill all righteousness." Then he permitted Him. (Matthew 3:13-15 NASB)

I am not above Him.  He didn't have to make an appeal of conscience, but I do.

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Mini Barbara Smith
You do not have to be water baptized. I was filled with the holy spirit, speak in tongues. I am a Christian with a relationship with Jesus. I was baptized in the holy spirit years ago and never have I been water baptized. People misinterpret a lot of scripture and believe only they are right. To many different interpretation of scripture is what confused people. Water baptism is only man's interpretation of proving you are Christian. A Christian shows by their their fruits, not water. Spiritual baptism is what Jesus is talking about not water.

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